After working with tons of customers over the years, I’ve paid close attention to what makes people tick.  I’ve watched closely to see the differences between those who achieve good results and those who never do get over the hump.  I’d like to think I’ve identified many different areas or traits, or whatever you want

Last Post About Crap Products

Ok, I’m over it.  I’m done.  It’s not worth it.  Time to move on and focus on my own things instead of worrying about what other people I have no control over are doing.  It’s not my mess to clean up and besides, I CANT clean it up.  I’m not perfect either (nobody is) but

Are You Worthy YET?!?

Last post we talked about being a business owner instead of a pipe-dreamer.  If you have not read that post, you should.  It’s eye opening and the feedback from it has been great.  There is a lot of heavy info in that post — if I do say so myself.  On this post, I want
I’ve come to the conclusion there are two types of people in the online marketing community… Dreamers (Pie-in-the-sky) Seekers Real Business People Which are you? Now, some people are brand spanking new (newbies) and they of course are so green to this business they are not sure what they are yet.  That’s understandable and natural.