Here’s a video where I discuss one of the most critical business lessons I’ve ever learned. This lesson has served me well so many times, it’s not even funny. As a business owner, you will CERTAINLY go through these twists and turns… these up’s and down’s… these triumphs and wins, failures and catastrophes. Through it
This is a very simple insight to understand and seems like commonsense but is not common at all. It’s important to understand that in “Direct Response Marketing” or even “Information Marketing Online” that we are wrong more often than we are right. Yes, even the multi-million dollar Internet Marketing gurus are wrong more often than
Most ‘newbie’ Internet Marketers are chasing a quick “hit of hope” when it comes to earning big revenue online. It’s a pipe-dream they are after and it’s an illusion. In fact, it’s pure fiction. Fiction: invention or fabrication as opposed to fact. synonyms: fabrication, invention, lies, fibs, untruth, falsehood, fantasy, nonsense a belief or statement
Here’s a video I did in famous Aspen Colorado on Billionaires Mountain. This is the mountain where the millionaires cannot afford to live. There are houses on this mountain that cost 10, 20 and even over 30 million dollars. In this quick video I discuss in a very raw manner how to change your attitude