Last post we talked about being a business owner instead of a pipe-dreamer.  If you have not read that post, you should.  It’s eye opening and the feedback from it has been great.  There is a lot of heavy info in that post — if I do say so myself.  On this post, I want to talk about something that severely holds people back from achievement in business success… and that’s being worthy OF THAT SUCCESS!

Let me explain… most people out there have the wrong belief-system when it comes to money.  They might have been taught that money is bad… that money is evil… that only bad people make lots of money and they do bad things to get it… that rich people are crooks and poor people are good.  Look, even if you don’t think that now and chalk it up as complete nonsense now in your life, what about the conditioned thoughts from years and years of your past??

If you are in the clear and dont have that belief, great for you.  You are lucky because MOST people dont. Even though they may not admit it, or even realize it yet, many people have a hidden belief that “they are not worthy” yet.  The keyword there is… YET!

Ok, this is deep and I admit that, but hang with me here because it’s powerful.

You see, most people feel they are not worthy (YET). They think they have to pay some kind of price first… earn their stripes… no pain no gain… put in the time (years) first… and so on.  In the Internet Marketing community, many have the belief they have to “have a known name” first… or have earned a substantial income first… or have to prove themselves in the eyes of the market first… or impress their peers first… before the true wealth can come.

Does that make sense?  It’s a bit hard to explain, but I’m trying.  Keep reading…

Even though most everyone wants to achieve a substantial income… have freedom… be secure and comfortable with their own online business, most feel they have to do something first to be worthy of that substantial income.  They have to pay some kind of price, they think.  If that resonates with you and makes sense and you understand what I’m talking about, then let me be the one to tell you…. It’s all bullshit.

You don’t need to do a damn thing to earn your stripes.  You don’t need to pay any kind of price and you don’t have to put in years and years of failure before you hit the big time.  That’s all beliefs and those beliefs are dead wrong.  Seriously.  There’s no prerequisite on hours you have to work in order to earn a substantial income.  There’s no “years worth of experience” necessary in the business world.  Money does not care if you are 14 years old or 84 years old.  Money does not care if you have 10 years experience in this IM business or 10 weeks experience.

This is true.  Money does not care if you are black or white, red or green… if you are articulate, beautiful, smart or funny.  Money does not care if you are talented, good at tech stuff, a good copywriter or a good friend.  Money does not care if you are mean, nice, happy or sad.  Money does not care who your parents are, how you were raised, what college you went to, your grades, your hobbies, your favorite TV shows, your addictions, your habits, your available time, your boss, job or if some bully in 1st grade punched you in the nose and took all your lunch money!

Money does not care about your most embarrassing moments… your biggest failures… or if you even got in trouble with underage drinking (keg stands in college during spring break)Money just DOES NOT CARE about all that stuff.  AND, it just does not matter.  Not one bit.  Now, it may matter to YOU, but it does not matter to money.  And, money is not evil — unless you think it is.

So what does “money” care about?  Nothing.  Money is just dirty paper and a symbol.

However… to get money and keep money, there are laws and those laws abide by the universal laws of “mathematics”.  Yep, and money does not care if you failed algebra ten times.  The point is, all the other stuff, the “not feeling worthy (yet) stuff”, is all in ya’ head.  Money does not care, so why should you?  You are “worthy” as soon as you say you are.  You are worthy of making even a million dollars per year — if you believe you are.  Heck, even if you don’t believe you are… but still do the right things to earn that money, you’ll make that money anyway, despite your feeling of “not being worthy yet”… because you simply “DID” the right things to earn that money.

Money does not care about feelings.  So however you feel, or whatever emotions dominate your life and thinking… money is made despite how you feel.  Money does not care and is not made because you feel good or feel bad.  Money is made because you “do things”.  You “cause” money to happen (cause and effect).  You make money because you did something that caused money to be spent in your direction.  You deposit money into your bank account because you did something to create/generate that money.



So, let me say this… in order to make more money, and take those “money making” actions that causes money to flow to you, you have to “cause” money to happen.  One of the main reasons people dont “cause” money to happen is because they dont feel worthy (yet) of taking those actions to CAUSE money to flow to them.  Because they dont feel worthy yet, they put off those actions.

Because they dont feel worthy yet, they refrain from doing those things that cause money to flow to them.  Because they dont feel worthy yet, they are not worthy yet.  You are not worthy if you say to yourself that you are not worthy yet.  You are not worthy yet if you BELIEVE you are not worthy yet.

And, if you continue to think you are not worthy yet, you’re not.  You’ll never be worthy yet, until you believe you are worthy.  When will that be?  Have you met people in this community who have been at this for 10 years?  AND, they still don’t make any money?  Guess what???  They continue to put up obstacles, barriers and imaginary “reasons” why they are still not worthy………………….yet.

~Eric Louviere