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There are thousands of endless activities and moves you can make to earn more revenue with your business or coaching services. One of the best ways to double your revenue is to double, triple or even 10x your prices and charge higher fees! However, many professionals ‘hold themselves back’ thinking the marketplace will NOT spent


I tried to push one of my clients to do an interview with me . . . just as practice . . . to see if maybe doing his own podcast, or creating his own products, or doing audios/videos would be something he could enjoy. I felt he was a little reluctant, but maybe not. 
Which phase are you in with your business? Phase One: This is a phase where entrepreneurs are in “preparation” mode or kick-start mode.  They have not launched yet and likely spend all their time learning, investigating, and talking themselves into “implementing”. This phase is one that can last years or decades or a lifetime.  People

Write The Perfect Welcome Email

First impressions are extremely important in any sort of business. This is especially true when it comes to internet marketing. You already knew this I am sure. Internet marketers have a strong dependence on first impressions, because there is generally no face to face meetings. As opposed to meeting a client over coffee or lunch,
YouTube is quickly becoming one of the best ways to market your online business. If you are willing to overcome any fears you have of shooting videos, then you will have the upper hand on almost 90% of the market that still does not use YouTube. You read that right. Over 90% of online business

Crash the First Page of Google

Google is a giant. I mean truly, it is a giant. It reaches literally every corner of the globe now, and is still growing. People all over the world use Google, and Google takes advantage of this. They offer tons of ad services, and even rank websites based on if they deem them worthy. The

Four Ways To Blow Up Your Twitter Following

  Twitter is an easy way to get yourself in front of millions of people, instantly. Unlike Facebook, Twitter lets you connect with people you aren’t already friends with. Using the right hashtags will put you in view of people who don’t even follow you. Just look at the current presidential race. Both sides are
Content is the lifeblood of an online business. The more relevant content you put out in the market, the more you become known as a trusted source for advice. So how do you decide how much content to give away for free? Well, the reason for giving out free articles and presentations is that you

Rapidly Grow Your LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is a great place for networking. Now, with Microsoft’s purchase of it, exciting things are expected to come in the near future. It is more important than ever to establish yourself on this platform, as it will only continue to grow. Since 2012, membership has nearly tripled, to over 100 million users, and is