Are you inside your own head and unable to escape it’s traps?

Over the years, I’ve found not only myself doing this, but also most of my clients as well. Most of us cannot get out of our own heads and this causes us to fail.

We get in our own WAY and mess it all up!

…Contradicting thoughts, relentlessness, ADD, turmoil, confusion, frustration… lack of clarity… loneliness and isolation… indecisiveness… it all paralyzes us from moving forward with anything!!

When it comes to BUSINESS, it’s easy to feel like you are ‘out there’ all alone in a wicked sea of sharks and hurricane-forced-wins blowing you all over the place.

You’re alone. It sucks. Superman is not flying out of the sky to save your jacked-up self. It’s time to pray for clarity – or sink.

Ever feel that way?

Well, feeling this way can mean the difference between success and failure. It can mean the difference in 15 more months of spinning your wheels locked in a vicious cycle of “same old same old” results (nothing new or better) or it can mean busting-out of that same old vicious cycle and achieving huge momentum! WINDFALLS!

Here’s my advice on this and this is important:

Nothing happens until you take a leap of faith! You must own this and understand it. So many people keep doing the same old stupid things they’ve been doing and getting the same old dumb results they are tired of.

As soon as you take a LEAP into a bold-new direction (or add a bold twist to what you’ve been doing), all kinds of things start moving around.

It’s like throwing a big rock into a calm pond. The water ripples-out in all directions… the birds fly away in a frenzy… the frogs take-cover… and a pit of snakes goes into a flurry. Wasps come buzzing around and the skies part and lightning comes striking down!  BOOM!

So, my advice is to sprint-forward in a bold new direction (or bold new twist) to what you’ve been doing. You’ve got to shake things up (especially shake-up YOURSELF!)

Another piece of advice is to put “I” over “E”.

I tell my VIP clients this all the time. I tell them:

I = Intelligence

E = Emotions

Are you letting your emotions beat-you-up and confuse you and scare you? Are you sad, frustrated, angry, hurt, hasty, agitated, restless… and then letting those fear based (anxious) feelings derail you?

You have to MASTER your emotions. You have to be a champion of your emotions. Put “I” over emotions in business. Put intelligence over emotions.

For example, your emotions might say, “This market is saturated, everyone is providing Facebook ads”… but that’s not the truth. There are millions and millions of businesses and professionals not on Facebook Ads.

There are businesses who spend 100k per month on advertising in local newspapers and billboards… and they are not on Facebook Ads at all, but would love to be!

We have these wimpy emotions that get in there and MESS US ALL UP.

Emotions can force you to drive a car you hate, live in a bad-neighborhood, destroy your marriage, family, career, and health and even cause your kids to go without shoes!

Instead use your intelligence to realize… “I can do this if I STICK to it and make it work!”

Realize, “there are plenty of morons doing this successfully out there, so if they can do it, I can do it too.”

For example, so many just want to reach six figures online. YET, they let their emotions get in there and make this 100x harder than what it is. LISTEN — early in my career as a superhero, I used to wonder why some of my students would fail.

I thought, “Maybe it’s me. Maybe they are failing because I’m not good enough as a coach or expert”. I actually needed some coaching on this. (Yes, superheroes need coaching too).

But then, I realized, it’s not me fully, most of the reason some would fail is because “they took no actions, or quit way too soon. They quit easily!”

Then I realized it was usually based on “wrong preconceived notions” or “EMOTIONS!” Their emotions were messing them all up! They thought it was super-hard to reach six figures, so of course, they made it super-hard for themselves.

It’s not hard. I recorded a video where I talk about “All it takes is FOUR!

  •   4 clients who pay you $2,500 per month = 10k per month

Many businesses will easily (and I mean EASILY) pay you $2,500 per month to handle advertising and marketing for them. You can JUST handle FaceBook advertising for them for 2500 per month.

And, all you need is FOUR clients.

Think about that… if you worked all month and only focused on getting 4 clients, don’t you think you could get at least four?

OR, what if it took you all YEAR to get only 4 clients (which would be bad and means you did not do a thing for most of the year)… that would still be a six figure income!

Do you think, if you focused on getting FOUR clients and you focused on just getting those four all year, wouldn’t you get those FOUR??


However, maybe your mind gets in there and screws it up with all these “qualifying thoughts”… like “but I’m no guru” or “but I’m inexperienced” and so on.

Those are all WRONG!

Sometimes I get excited and want to SCREAM from the rooftops… “WILL YOU JUST TAKE THE STEPS FOR GOODNESS SAKE!?”

I get fired up.

There are so many people out there living crummy lives and they don’t have to. They can change their lives by getting FOUR clients.

If you want our help, go click here and get details:


And please… pllllease… paahhhhllllleease… stop letting your emotions win. They are not your friend.


Eric J. Louviere
CEO & Founder
Signature Mentors, Inc.