Double Your Revenue This Week

This post here will make you a metric ton of money if you let it.  The concept here is simple to understand, but don’t let it’s simplicity get in the way of it’s explosive impact.  You should truly dig in to this post and save it, print it out, read it a few times, but this post alone can more than double your income.  In fact, I’ve helped countless businesses (and online marketers) rake in tens of thousands of dollars in a week from this concept alone!

Seriously, I’ve had people (clients) who were used to making (for example) 12k per month and after I got my hands on them and got them to follow this concept, they went from 12k per month to 50k in a week!  This has happened so many times over the years it’s not even funny.  It’s life-changing actually, but you’ve got to let this sink in and dig in and don’t let the simplicity here fool you.  Do not chalk this up as, “oh yeah, I’ve heard that before” because that would be a bad mistake.

Alright, Alright, Alright…

Here’s the Louviere Law to study:

If You Want To Earn 50k This Week… Quote it!


Maybe the Louviere Law would be better said like this:

How Will You Ever Know How Much People Will Pay You Until You Quote It?

Hmmm… maybe this is a little deeper and less simplistic to explain in text as I thought.  I’m so used to teaching this, not writing it.  Let’s try again…

One day I decided to quote someone $10,000 and they paid it.  It took me two years until I had the COURAGE to quote someone $50,000, but the third person I quoted that amount, paid it as well.  It took me another FIVE YEARS to build up the courage to quote individuals and companies over $100,000.  And Today, I’m gearing up my courage to quote $250,000.  I mean, I’m worth millions, so it’s all mental.  Unless You Quote It, YOU will never know

There, that’s better.  Whew…

I think back to 2004 and I think of the Eric Louviere back then.  That guy then, circa 2004, was lost, depressed, wrecked, beaten up, and had low self worth.  I dabbled in online marketing on the side and I did not value myself much.  Fast forward to today and I’m running and building a multi-million dollar business… doing business with titans… and also, quoting people 100k prices.  Who would have thunk it?

The concept here is simple…

Quote Them A Price-Point That Scares You!

Can you dig it?

Can you own that concept?

If so, your life can change THIS FREAKING WEEK!


Imagine how excited you’ll be when someone slaps down 10k, 30k, 50k or even 250k for you!

I’d love to brag to you about my exotic lifestyle and my spending habits, and my insane freedom… but instead of bragging about that (wait, I just did)… let me be the guy to give you NO BS and tell you point blank:

You Are Worth 10X What You Currently Charge!

A client of mine, a financial professional, was making around $1,200 per client for his services and most of that was through commissions paid out over time.  When I asked him what all he provides his clients (value/benefits/services) I was flat shocked at how much he bends over-backwards and everything he does (extra miles) for his clients, for a measly 1200-bones.  His service is worth 10X that!

Let me put it this way, a tax attorney shows me how I can save 45k on my taxes in one year… but his charge to me?  less than 2k.  Unless I use them for bookkeeping and then that raises it another thousand.  Oh, ok, so for one thousand dollars I dont have to do all this freaking counting myself that will take me a decade to do and will cause me to pull out every hair on my head?  You mean, you’ll save me from agony and hours of my life (days of my life) for a podunk 1k?  Sure, where do I sign up and can you cut the grass too, I hate cutting grass.

My point is… if you want to explode your income and double or triple or even 10-times your income this week…