Dude, where’s your six figures?

How long have you been in the game?

I’m talking about the game, the desire, the passion, the quest for making six figures from the comfort of your own lazy couch (in your pajamas)… how long have you been after that elusive goal (dream)?  One year?  Three years?  Ten years?  More?  Or, maybe it’s only been a few months… and you’re just getting involved in “business opportunities”?  Maybe you just learned about this “internet marketing” thaang?

Let me make some guesses… (uh oh!)

  1. You are just looking for a simple formula… a simple plan… a simple scheme-type-loop hole you can follow each day that brings in just $200 or so per day.  “If only I could find a simple way to earn money from home… to just make an extra $200 per day… then I’d work hard on that”
  2. You have bought products on “making money online” and they all suck
  3. You have spent around $250 max on paid traffic… and that’s a grand total from the past three years… all CPA and Click Bank offers combined… because you keep pausing the campaigns… because you’re losing money each time you try
  4. You wrote some articles
  5. You’ve put up a few blogs
  6. You tried shooting a video – a few times
  7. You have an aweber account

Any of that even close?  Oh, you thought of buying a mentor too… oh, and you realize there’s a lot of free stuff all over the place too (why buy stuff)?  Any of this hitting home at all?  If I’m way off then this post is probably not really for you, and you’re just different than the rest of us who started down the same journey.

I too went down that pathway… that journey… those same steps.  Hey, chalk me up as one of the snapper-heads who bought [[paid—survey—crap]].  Yep, been there, done that, own several t-shirts and fridge magnets.  I’ve freaking been there.

One million dollars later………………………………..

I figured out some stuff along that journey.  I paid attention and noticed a few common denominators amongst the online rich (marketers).  Yes sirrrrr… I watched and listened… read between the lines… figured some chit out.  I got it down now homie.  Two words:

  1. Joint Ventures
  2. Copywriting & Conversions

Say it isn’t so Master Louviere!?!  Thou has spoken no blessed words upon thy tounge


Yes, you too, go forward and read between the lines.  Yonder bro!  Over there in da hills, dats where the true gold is found!  In JV’s and coming up with a killer hook!  Sell them what they want to buy… not what you want to sell them.  Do they want the truth sir Louviere?  The truth is a four letter word… it hurts my precious ears to hear… ouch!  quit that!  It’s called “work”.  OH NO HE DIDNT!

You need leverage young soul:

Leverage such as:

  • A freaking list!
  • An ability to convert!  (why you talkin crazy?)
  • A killer product (like a plr you mean? no, unless it’s one of mine)
  • Contacts (like for my eyes?)
  • A branded name in the marketplace (got cha, guru stuff)
  • Super good tech abilities (nerds)

and more.

Leverage = assets and you need a few.

Are you on the right track now?  Or, are you **STILL** looking for the little, elusive, magical, loop hole, scheme, (paid survey) type thingy? Next, I’ll talk about why most are afraid of JV’s and why copywriting and conversions are completely ignored by most out there.  Whatcha think?  Why do most ignore JV’s and never invest time into learning copy and conversions?

Eric Louviere

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