Dear Marketer —

Back in 1998, I started my first agency.  I was in my twenties back then and could barely keep a crappy job, much less start a full blown advertising agency.  However, I took a huge leap of faith and went for it.

I’m quite glad I did.

I turned that business into a big income and we expanded into a new city 1.5 hours away. It just exploded and this is all because we marketed one simple solution to a huge – never ending – problem: “businesses need customers!”

The beautiful thing about this problem is it will never go away.  You see, while the dentist is busy pulling teeth and sticking needles in people’s gums, there’s no way Mr. Dentist can stay on top of the quickly changing digital marketing world.  Impossible!

And, not only that, but there’s no way Mr. Dentist can hire some employee to stay on top of Facebook Ads or LinkedIn or Adwords either.  There’s no way that “milk-a-paycheck” employee is ever going to be a YouTube ads stud.  Impossible!

However — for you, my online marketing friend.  That’s a different story.  YOU are a KING or QUEEN at this, and you don’t even realize it.

You see, what I’m saying here is YOU can easily (in two weeks or less!) get so good at Facebook Ads or LinkedIn, etc. that you would run circles around 99.99% of the entire small business population on planet Earth.

Listen — skills pay the bills.

You are ONE skill away from transforming your entire financial life forever!

What ONE skill would I highly recommend you master?

How to run Facebook Ads for businesses.  This is one of the fastest ways to 20k per month I’ve ever seen in my life.

Imagine!  What if you could run Facebook ads for businesses and they would gladly pay you $1,500… $2,500… and even $5,000+++ per month to handle that for them!?

How many $2,500 per month clients do you need to make 10k per month?  FOUR!

How many do you need to make $20,000.00 per month?  EIGHT!

Look — I’m not sure what you are focused on right now, but I’ve been in this world for over 10 years now and this is the biggest gold rush I’ve seen yet.  Take Advantage Of It!

~Eric Louviere
CEO & Founder
Signature Mentors, Inc.

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PPS — FOUR!  You are four clients away from six figures.  FOUR!