ONE Core Reason Marketers Never Reach Six Or Seven Figures Online

After 10+ years of coaching people from all over the world how to reach six or even seven figures online, here is ONE core reason most fail to reach respectful incomes online:


Most never reach respectful incomes because most cannot convert. I mean, how can I say this more clearly… hmm.. let me say it this way instead; most fail because they absolutely are pathetic at conversions, and they remain pathetic at conversions for years and years… but keep wondering where all the money is hiding at.

This is a DEEP core problem and most will never ever “get it”.

The Breakthrough to get:

Conversions is a JOURNEY not a single event.  Conversions is a process, not a light switch.  Conversions is the name of the game, an ongoing, fluid, every moving, dynamic, ever changing, ever tweaking, ongoing process.  It is not a set it and forget it thing and it’s not something ANY copywriter on the planet will “snap their fingers” and create the world’s best converting sales-letter out of the gates.

The greatest copywriters in the entire world (and I currently rank #14 in the world) would all tell you… “We do not hit home runs every time out of the gates, and there’s much more to conversions than just the sales copy”

For example, the most important piece of an email you send out is…..the “FROM” name.  It’s “who” is sending that email out that matters most.  That persons’ reputation and status and likability, etc.  Same with sales copy.  If I have a sales-letter and it has my name on it, it will convert better compared to someone who has “no name” or brand and nobody can find them online.

I mean, the name Eric Louviere will beat some screen name like “MorpheusBlueEyes97” every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

People buy solutions, but they dont often buy from people they do not trust can solve that problem… no matter how GREAT or not-great the sales-copy is.

Listen, there’s a ton of BS out there, tons of garbage and your market most likely does not believe you and it’s up to “conversions” to do the trick.  But, conversions is not just a sales-letter and it’s not just a squeeze page or blog.  Conversions is all of it.  Top to bottom and it’s all connected.  A rising tide lifts all boats, and in order for you to be successful, you have to continuously tweak and work on your conversions.  Even when your offer starts selling that does not mean the end of it.

I literally just heard on an audio file a marketer telling a group audience:

“…Oh that was a great offer, we lived off of that offer for two years”

Why did he not live off of that offer for 10 years, because it’s been that long? Because the offer stopped selling and stopped converting and he had to evolve it and change it and tweak it or cut bait and give up on it.

Here’s another one off the top of my head.

A fitness product had to change their “name” to a new, completely different name to boost conversions again.  The old name was used up and all the market had seen it, so a quick change to a new name and presto!  They achieved another momentum for their business and doubled income.  Back on top baby!

A popular hosting company created a sister hosting company with a new name just to scoop up new customers again and achieve momentum again.  Guess what?  It’s the same dang company and the same dang service and everything is the same except the name.  AND, they even got customers to be customers at BOTH companies because the customers did not realize it’s the same customers.  Or, they’d leave the old company for the new company, but it’s the same company!

Look, here’s what I want you to nail and own:

If you hire the #1 best copywriter in the world and pay that copywriter $250,000+ to write and craft that copy for you… it still might not convert!  Then what?  What do you do then?

Choices are:

  1. Hire that copywriter to tweak your copy again for another 250k or so
  2. Hire that copywriter ongoing (on retainer) to continue trying to ‘beat the control’ (he/she will want a cut of the revenue if any good at copy).  Basically the copywriter works for you ongoing
  3. Hire a new copywriter to see if new copywriter can beat old copywriter (beat the control)
  4. Write it and tweak it yourself (requires getting all up in the game of copy and conversions)
  5. Some variance of all the above
  6. Quit.

Is there another option I missed?  I cannot think of any.

So, which does most people pick?

Well, most people pick number 6, they quit.  They then move on to the next guru, the next course, the next shiny object, the next offer, the next mentor, the next workshop, etc etc etc until one year turns into 10 and still, no success has been found.

Problem:  Cannot convert.

Solution most take:  bounce around and continue ignoring the big elephant in the room.  They cannot convert.

Actual solution successful people take: They learn how to convert themselves and/or find a good copywriter to ride as long as possible.

If you get a salesletter written by someone else, hot off the presses, that’s only the beginning.  That’s just the start of the game, not the end.  It’s long from over.  You aint gonna retire off of that first draft sales-letter, and often not the next five drafts either.  It’s ongoing process and listen… nobody on the planet will do it for you or focus on it for you or make it happen like you will.

Get great at conversions and watch the revenue come flooding in!

Until then, it’s pretty dang hard to reach six or seven figures.  Almost every single six and seven figure earner I know is good at conversions.  They can either pull it off themselves and convert well themselves, or they are good at finding able copywriters who get it and who can perform for them to help them convert.  They are also good a split testing and the entire game.  (well 7 figure earners fit that bill, split testers).

All in all, you aint gonna win until you nail the game of conversions!