Raise Your Game!

If you want to earn more, become more, generate more, do more, achieve more, escape day jobs, work from home, earn six figures or seven — or eight — or reach a higher level of business success, then you’ll need to start “raising your game”!

Be, Do and Have is the secret here and it’s about abundance as well.  You’ll have to start thinking of yourself differently… think of yourself as more than you are… as more than you have been your entire life… think of yourself as you want to be.  Be that person now.  Act like that person would act… hold yourself high… have high expectations of yourself and others.  Do what that person would do.  Talk like that person would talk.  Walk around with your head up high and your shoulders up with confidence oozing out of your aura!

Have some character to yourself, be happy and be someone.  Smile and rise above the noise.  Forgive the haters or the negative and toxic people, and be someone.  Walk the talk.  BE, DO and HAVE.

Take all your past insecurities and stick them in the drawer and lock the drawer, that’s not you anymore.  You are someone now who is successful.  Be that person now.  KNOW that you are that person.  Increase your expectations now.  Hold yourself to a higher level of confidence.  Love people, but do not be a people-pleaser.  Raise your game.

Who are you?  What do you stand for?  Where are you going and who do you surround yourself with.  Who are you going to start ignoring?  Who have you outgrown?  WHO are you reaching UP to?  You’ve got to raise your game.

See some people gossiping over there, ignore them, that’s immaturity.  Resist the urge.  Be you!  NO, be the better, more successful, highly confident version of YOU!  Yes!

Want to make six figures?  When do you want to achieve that goal?  In 14 months from now?  1 year from now if it all goes well?  What do you need to do BEFORE you can get ready, to finally get ready, to go ahead and start thinking about making six figures?  Or seven?  Or eight?

Raise your game!

You’ve got to bring the THUNDER with you when it comes to business.  You cannot be a wimp or timid about this game.  Go for winning!  FORCE things to happen.  Make things happen.  Get people the heck out of your way, including yourself.  Raise your game.

Where’s your discipline at?  Go get it and bring it back and make your discipline be more disciplined.  Focus on your focus.  Make your action taking abilities, take more action!  Push yourself.  Take a flurry of action and just let it fly.

STOP JUDGING yourself before you do stuff… even the simplest little things… because you are worried how the market or others will take it or think about it.  Just let it fly, people are not that “in” to what anyone else out there is saying and even if you say something not too awesome, who cares… nobody will remember 30 minutes later.  Just roll and just take that action and just throw it out there and just let it rip baby!  Let it fly, get er done!

But do raise your game because your game might be timid or weak, or hesitant, or shy, or your game might be behind, or slow, or lazy, or unorganized, or not disciplined, or in a funk, or smelly.  Raise your game man!  RAISE IT!

Stop looking for someone to motivate you, or bail you out, or do it all for you, or whatever.  Do it yourself.  Be someone. Put the responsibility on your own shoulders.  Go get it.  Raise that game.

Ok, so you have a big obstacle… a huge mountain to climb… a hole to claw out of… well, guess what… you’ve got to PLOW through that obstacle… sprint up the mountain… explode out of the hole… catapult out of the mud… you do not crawl or take baby steps.


Explode out of the mud… out of the funk… out of mediocrity… out of poverty… out of depression… out of misery… out of sickness… out of desperation… EXPLODE BY RAISING YOUR GAME!

What are you going to do… let life kick your ass?  That’s what most do.  Are you most people?  If so, then………………………. “wrong blog!”

This blog is for winners, champions, go-getters, action takers, significant and highly productive people who are actually striving for something instead of watching every television show they can find on TV each and every day.

This room right here you just walked in is for people who are ready to raise their game and get to that next business level.  Are you in the right room?  Or are you in the wrong room?  If you are in the wrong room, let me direct you to where to go.  It’s over here:

It’s called the JADED and burned out room.  Go over there, that’s where the haters are, the toxic, the losers who gave up and now point their fingers at the bad guys.  Go over there and find a group to complain with, because there are a lot of people over there.  That group is very welcoming.  Write with a black sharpie the name “Misery” on your name tag and underline it in red.  People will flock to you and even ask you to buy them drinks. That room is huge and loaded with all kinds of characters.  Tip:  Wash your hands and dont touch your face because you’ll certainly catch the worst case of “excuse-sickness” you’ll ever find.  They are all infected.  Beware!

But this room right here, this blog, is for winners who want to become someone more.  That means become more attractive and I’m not talking looks.  You want more, then get around people who are more.  Period.  Raise your game and go hang out with the people who are moving and shaking, who are building you up and not ripping you down.  Be around those who will grab you and give you a hug and tell you that you can do it too, DESPITE ANY PROBLEMS YOU CURRENTLY HAVE.

You see, you’ve got to raise your game and you need to do that now.  You need to be worth a lot more… worth millions and millions… worth fame and fortune… worth the best things life has to offer… you have to be worth all of that…………………. TO YOURSELF!

Go Get ‘Em

Get Back Up!

Knock a Homer!

Be, Do, and Have!

Raise Your Game!

See You At The Top (there’s plenty of room)

Take Risks!

Get Mentored!

Invest In Yourself!

Build Relationships!



Eric Louviere


2 Comments to “ Raise Your Game!”

  1. Damn Eric! I feel pumped after reading this blog post!


    Im a winner, Im super and Im raising my game! Hell Yeahhhh

    See you at the top, very soon 😉


  2. Anonymous says :Reply

    Gor blimey Eric!
    I’ve read loads of motivational stuff, whole books and 50 page reports etc. and now, in just a couple of minutes you’ve done what none of those writers have been able to do….you’ve given me belief in myself, now I know just where I’ve been going wrong and what I need to change. Thank you so much, I’m inspired!
    Paul Whysall
    Isle of Man UK

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