The Power Of TEN PERCENT. Achieve Anything

There you are… looking at this guy over there who is a massive success. You’re watching him smile and glide through life with ease. Nothing seems to bother him and you’d like to be like him. He’s magnetic and glows with confidence.

What’s his secret?

Well, I believe the secret is in the power of the ten percent, and this is where most success is found.

Let me put it this way, show me someone who is successful and I’ll show you someone who takes it just ten percent further than others who attempt the same thing.

Often times, it’s a very small percent of “extra focus” that brings in the most success. For example, do yourself a favor and try this “self-test”.

Try being ONLY 10% more
aggressive for an entire day.

Be more aggressive than you are used to being… just 10% more… and watch the difference in results for the day.  Watch how people treat you differently.  Watch how magnetic you become.  Watch the new attention show up.  Watch how the world seems to “get out of your way” or “attract to you”.

Yeah… just try it, old brave one.

I heard on some podcast… some speaker was talking about some story I’m going to totally steal and use for my own now… but he explained how this tribe in Africa lived among wild cats.  I’m talking about the big cats: tigers and cheetahs and jaguars and Simba’s, etc.

The cats would not eat the tribe’s men.  I mean, the tribe people could walk around these panthers like nothing.  “What’s up you tiger, how’s your morning? Stripes looking nice.  Did you catch the Astros last night?  Hey bud, have a good weekend.”

Well, after studying these wild beasts and the tribe’s people… they realized the tribe’s people walked around and acted like “predators” themselves!  I mean… these tribe dudes would walk, talk, act, and have the energy and demeanor of predators. themselves!

Therefore, the big-fat-cats left them alone.  I mean, these humans looked like they were a wrecking crew (Gig ‘Em) — and the cats wanted nothing to do with these fierce predator-humans.


Once in a while, one of the tribe’s men would become midnight-snacks for the cats!  Yes, once in a while, the cats would take out a tribe’s man late at night and eat him!  Din-Din-Time!

Why would this happen?  Why would the cats turn on some poor dude once in a while?  Well, they figured it out!

Here’s why:

They found that the cats would STRIKE and eat some dudes… when the tribe’s dudes were drunk!

Yes, drunk!

I can picture the tribe’s men doing keg-stands, smoking some wild plants, stumbling around, laughing and giggling, doing Donald Trump impressions, and then when one of the tribe dudes says, “Hey, I gotta go, the Mrs. is going to be pissed, it’s late, got T-Ball in the morning, I’m outta here guys…let’s do this again soon”

…And he starts walking back home, stumbling around trying to put his headphones on, and then BAM!  Cat takes tribe-dude out!  Gone.  See Ya!  Dinner is served.

The 10% Big-Cat-Predator Rule!

What does this story of the cats and the tribe do for you?  How can you take from this “Ten-Percent-Tribe-Predator-Rule” and use it in your own “Suburban-Nordstrom-Lululemon-SUV-Driving” society?

Well, if you take my TEN PERCENT rule and apply it with being 10% more aggressive, you’ll start tapping into the “cat-predator” rule.

Then, once more aggressive, you’ll get more results.

They say the ugliest, most horrific looking guy in town can ask every girl who walks by out on a date and get more dates than the best Brad Pitt looking dude in town.  Why?  AGGRESSIVENESS!

I often ask my colleagues and huge successful business people what they did to severely raise their game, and it’s always some type of “ten percent” rule that does it for them.  I’ve even asked a billionaire.

I’ve received answers like:

  • I got addicted to energy drinks.  Seriously, I increased my caffeine intake and results came – because I was more pumped-up.  (I do not recommend this, see your doctor)
  • I started running miles at least 5 times per week
  • I started cross-fit
  • One guy said, “my doctor put me on Adderall medicine for ADD and it gave me focused-energy.” (I had an 8-figure marketer say he built his entire company because of that medicine).  AND I REALLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS, BUT IT’S FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES I SHARE THIS.
  • I got closer to God, got spiritual, started meditating, go married, got divorced, had kids, got pregnant, someone died, got sick, got healthy (some kind of big life changing event happened)

The people out there suffering (poor souls)… are the people stuck in this land I call:

“The-SUV-Driving… Nordstrum-buying… Lululemon-wearning… Suburban-living” lifestyle where they have a good job, have a nice life and are COMFORTABLE as can be.

Nobody died, nobody is sick, money is ok, Game Of Thrones is on tonight and life is just peachy.

It’s hard for these people to increase their aggressiveness 10% or more.  It’s VERY hard for them.

These “T-Ball dads and soccer mom’s” people start to implode!  They start to constrict or contract within themselves.  They speak-out less, they become more and more wimpy… they care too much about what their neighbors or co-workers think… they become quite soft and tubby.  Focus is on gossip and suburban difficult decisions like, “Chick-fil-a or Whataburger?”… or where do we eat tonight for “Date Night”?

There’s no predator-big-cat instincts going on.  They are becoming 10% LESS on everything instead of 10% MORE on everything.

I’m Talking About Energy!

Can you raise your energy level 10%+?

Some can do this in a snap.  They can consciously decide right now, bam!  Raise my energy level 10%.  It’s like a switch.  you flip the switch and presto!  Energy level is much higher.  It’s a choice.

Listen… I’m the most laid-back, easy going, slow dude around.  I mean, I’m from Texas.  I talk slow, walk slow and I’m just going to take my time in no hurry.

However, I can snap my fingers and go Mr. Hyde on you in a heartbeat.

I do this before I do a podcast recording for example (be sure and listen to my Just Sell, Baby podcast).  If you know me at all, then you know I’m a bit more caffeinated on my podcasts.  I’m more pumped, speak stronger, am more aggressive… I’m a Jaguar Baby!

It’s on purpose.  It’s a higher energy frequency.  It’s tuning to a higher level of motivation, enthusiasm, power, strength and ambition.  By doing this, your world will mirror you.  You’ll get bigger results and you’ll INSTANTLY ATTRACT like-energy people.

Go be more aggressive.

Try it, you daredevil you.

Just try raising up your energy and aggressiveness, and go push-it!  Go get it!

Your energy level will tune you in to the right frequency and you’ll start getting the results you want.  Your life will change.  You’ll earn more money!  People will gravitate to you!

Go get it!


~Eric ‘Jaguar’ Louviere 😉