Rapidly Grow Your LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Pic

LinkedIn is a great place for networking. Now, with Microsoft’s purchase of it, exciting things are expected to come in the near future. It is more important than ever to establish yourself on this platform, as it will only continue to grow. Since 2012, membership has nearly tripled, to over 100 million users, and is only going to increase.


A great way to establish a presence on LinkedIn is to start your own group. Starting one is a great way to grow your audience fast, also giving you the opportunity to earn their trust. Groups are becoming what fan pages are for Facebook. It gives you a chance to show the market you are an expert, and it give you the chance to engage with possible clients 1on1.  From what we have tested on our page, here are the four best ways to rapidly increase enrollment in your LinkedIn group.


  1. Have a killer picture

Look, people will judge you based on what they see up front. Since the first thing they will see is the picture, it is very important to have something that will catch their attention. Have a logo made if you don’t already have one. Make it something that will be eye catching. You can get a great logo on fivver for as low as $10. Once you get them to look at the group, you will then have to convince them to join.


  1. Personalize your connection message

It’s all about standing out in this business. If you want people to join your group, you have to give them something different to look at. If you just send them the default welcome message, you should send them something more creative. Tell them you would love to connect, and share ideas with like-minded people. You will be surprised how many people will connect with you once you implement this.


  1. Have a description that really builds you up


The long description is vital to persuading people to join your group. One of the groups we created, the Disclosure Group, doubled in membership when we improved the long description. Many people on LinkedIn are more skeptical of joining groups as opposed to those on Facebook, so you have to give them a reason to join you. Include things about what will be discussed in the group, so people will see the value in joining. Also, include a link to your website here, as it can lead to tons of clicks to it.


  1. Post content that they will find useful

This is probably the most important of the tips listed here. If you post information they will find useful, it will keep them constantly checking your group page for new articles and links. This is where you can also promote your own blog to the group. Put links in the posts that redirect to your blog, Youtube account, Facebook, and anything else you can think of blasting out there. Posting content from other groups is also a great way for people to view you as an expert in the marketplace. If you only post your own content, people will get bored and start to assume you are only trying to sell something. Make sure to have a good balance between useful information and promotional.


All in all, you have to get people in your group and have them engage constantly. When people engage in your group, others will start to follow, and before long it will become a networking hub for your business.

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