42 Secrets Of Making It Big With Internet Marketing

Here are 42 secrets that helped me earn a bunch of dollars online with Internet Marketing.  Print it, save it, bookmark it, share it… enjoy!

(1)  Most people learn plenty of techniques and plenty of systems for earning money online, yet never make any money, it’s not the systems or techniques, it’s their mindset.

(2)  If you cannot convert, you cannot make money, yet most never focus on copywriting and conversions – at all.  They ignore copywriting and conversions and they wonder where all the money is hiding at.

(3)  Most think there’s some secret to generating lots of free traffic and they are in a desperate search to find the perfect way to get tanker-trucks worth of free traffic.  The real secret is — All they have to do is pay for it.

(4)  Why are most people afraid to pay for traffic?  Well, it’s because they cannot convert!  If they focused on copywriting and conversions, they could convert and would not be afraid to pay for traffic.

(5)  What’s the other reason people are afraid to pay for traffic?  Because it costs money that’s why.

(6)  Most wannabe marketers are not making money because of a big 800 pound gorilla that is sitting in the kitchen being ignored.  He’s a nasty beast slobbering all over their forks and plates.  His name is called “Mr. Conversions”

(7)  That 800 pound gorilla has a brother and he’s in the living room and he goes by the name of “Brother Tech”.  Most who are not good at technical stuff are in denial and their entire business (and dreams) are on hold until they find someone competent enough to do the tech for them.  Or, until they get serious enough to pay to get someone to do it for them that is.

(8)  There is no 800lb gorilla named Traffic, because if you have conversions, traffic is easy.

(9)  Paying for traffic makes you a better marketer because you dial-in your conversions, because money is on the line.  If you get an affiliate to promote for you, well, it’s his/her traffic, so meh, we’ll see how it goes.

(10)  I know a lot of marketers who make six and seven figures.  I mean, I’m a very likable guy so I know them all (lol).  And, I think MAYBE one or two of them make the bulk of their money with SEO… at least that’s what they say on their SEO courses and services.  wink wink.

(11)  Most marketers sell a “quick hit of hope” to the herd.  Most customers just want a quick hit of hope to feel better right now.  That’s why marketers will always make big money selling what people want to buy, “hits of hope”.

(12)  Most wannabe marketers are intimidated (or too lazy) to create their own products and would much rather just be an affiliate.  YES, I’d say 95% of them would rather just be an affiliate and promote other peoples products for commissions.  It’s easier for them.  Therefore, it’s very lucrative to have your own products.  Get it?  Good stuff huh?  I’m here all week people.

(13)  Read #12 again and think about it.

(14)  Most marketers are afraid of ridicule (fear of ridicule) and they hold themselves back from taking bold action because they are afraid of what people will think (or what they will say!).  It’s easier said than done, but we should strive to be immune to ridicule (good and bad ridicule!).  If you can become more immune to ridicule, you’ll make more money than ever.  I’m still practicing this immunity so be kind in your comments please. 😉

(15)  Seriously, who gives a shit what others think?  GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!  THROW YOURSELF OUT THERE!

(16)  You must build and create leverage in business.  Leverage can come in many forms, such as; a list, skills, copywriter, contacts, a branded name, traffic, products, software, a valuable service…. build leverage and watch how many friends you get! (and money)

(17)  People buy from those they know, like and trust.  So, brand yourself to your list and customers and your market.

(18)  We all care so much what our peers and fellow merchants in the market think of us.  I mean, I think it would be really cool if some of the gurus liked me and were friends… because we care if our friends in this business like what we’re doing, and what they say, etc.  Our fellow merchants do not buy from us.  In fact, they are competition.  Focus on your customer instead.

(19)  If you focus on your market, your true customers, then you’ll have tons more customers.  (then those peers will love you indeed)

(20)  The highest form of conversions that comes from branding is the “celebrity” status.  People will throw money at you if you are considered a celebrity in the marketplace.  You do not have to try as hard on conversions if you are a celebrity in the market.  You can just open your mouth and they’ll throw their money at you.

(21)  The next highest form of conversions that comes from branding is “authority” status.  It does not have the same vibe as celebrity but hey, it’s next best and it works.

(22)  You don’t have to brand yourself at all to make a lot of money online.  But it really helps a lot even if you brand a pen name.

(23)  If you’ve been in this business longer than 5 years and are still not making any money online, yet spend countless hours learning, for years, then the problem is your mindset.  Invest your time in changing from a lack mentality or a complaining mentality to a prosperous mentality, an abundant mentality and a confident mentality.  Put the responsibility on your own shoulders and stop blaming everyone else and start blaming yourself.  Nobody will make you successful.  Only you can make you successful, period.

(24)  The good news is you can take the last 5 years and rip it up and throw it away and start again, fresh, but more intelligently this time around.  We all fail and if you have failed and are still here trying, then you are one of us.  We welcome you to the “I’ve failed many times but keep on trying” club.  That club is a prerequisite to the “damn, I finally succeeded club”

(25)  Do you have huge regrets about something in business you did, or some mistake you made, or something that has been bothering you for a long time now… and that thing holds you back and prevents you from moving forward because you are beating yourself up about it… and you are wounded from it and it hurts and it messes up your mind and emotions… and if only you could get past this mistake or regret… or fix it somehow finally… THEN, then… then, then you could truly be the best you and get back on top??????  Ok, just checking to make sure you are human like the rest of us in the “I’ve failed many times but keep on trying club”.

(26)  Are you weird?  I mean, nobody else strives for success like you and everyone else sort of looks at you funny like you are from Mars and some even say that you’re a dreamer or you are wasting your time, right?  Yeah, they used to do that to me too way back when I used to live on their side of the train tracks.

(27)  The most important part of an auto-responder email is the “from name”.

(28)  I realized back when I was a professional copywriter that it was much more lucrative to write for branded gurus than non-branded marketers.  All my salesletters had super high conversion rates once I focused on writing for gurus back then.  My secret?  The most important part of a salesletter is the name on the signature.

(29)  If you sales letter is not converting well yet you believe the copywriting is good, then it’s likely “the offer”.  Change the offer.

(30)  If you tested out the copy and changed your offer and it still does not convert well, then it could be nobody wants to buy that thing.  Cut bait and sell something people want to buy and are already buying left and right. (or your copy just sucks)

(31)  It’s a great confidence booster to attend Internet Marketing seminars because if those jackasses can make tons of money, you sure can!

(32)  You may need to focus on your focus.

(33)  Have you ever tried helping someone who has a problem and together you both solve the problem.  Then, that person immediately says, “yeah, but ____” and quickly gives you another problem, then another, then another and in circles we go, in a never-ending cycle of problems to be solved?  The problem here is this person is addicted to problems.  Imagine if that person was addicted to solutions!?  Well, that’s what marketers do.

(35)  It’s a visual and digital world we live in online, so yes, definitely, graphics and design matters.

(37)  Nothing happens until one takes a leap of faith.  Dive and the net will appear.  Or, not.  One can always wait until everything is perfect, said nobody who ever made tons of money.

(38)  If you only have 2 hours per day, that’s 14 hours per week.  Or, that’s 728 hours per year.  Can you imagine focusing on solving one problem for an entire year?  Imagine studying how to “lose weight” for 728 hours, you’d be a PRO!  Imagine studying “How to invest in mutual funds” for 728 hours, you’d be a PRO! Imagine studying “how to write compelling press releases” for 728 hours, you’d be a PRO!  Now multiply that by 3 years and you now have 2184 hours on solving one problem.  What number above was “focus on your focus”?

(39)  Every time You promote to your list, you’ll get unsubscribes.  It’s part of the game.

(40)  If you are not making over $250,000 per year online in revenue, then you should spend 90% of your time, energy, focus, attention, money, power, strength, resources, blood, sweat and tears into………………. nothing but SELLING!

(41)  If you want to make really good money online from home, then focus purely on traffic and conversions and not much else.  Dont spend tons of time learning anything unless it’s learning about traffic and conversions.  Put your entire heart and soul into traffic and especially conversions (your copywriting, your offer, your graphics, social proof, design, etc)

(42)  And for my 42nd birthday on the 7th, the 42nd biggest business breakthrough for me is this… I made a lot of money and even at times with a lot of money and success I was miserable.  I had this burning flame inside me to chase something, to do something, this hasty feeling that was always unsatisfied.  It was not until I realized I needed to focus on my “spiritual” side of things did I find true wealth.  Why do you want to make a lot of money?  Some will say to have freedom.  Why do you want freedom?  So I can see the world and buy things and not have a day job or a boss, etc.

Why do you not want a boss, or why do you want to buy things, etc.  Most will say to be happy.  Well guess what, that still does not cause true bliss.  I’m no pro on Spirit… but I’d say that my focus on it has helped me more than anything else I’ve ever done…business wise… including making a million dollars!

Focusing on the combination of “mind, body and soul” has been huge for me and I’m kicking myself for not figuring this out sooner!!  I actually think that if you feel really well, you’ll do really well… and some people don’t do well simply because they don’t feel well.

As a business person, a creative person, a mind person, I’ve often found myself in my thoughts too much… in my mind too much…. just there dwelling on things I want to do, or need to do, or what I might have to do… and so on…

This is why I believe focusing on feeling well…. and focusing on mind, body AND soul has truly helped me become more wealthy.  I react and handle things much better now.  And, success is certainly a matter of how you react to things.  It’s not always what happens that is important, but how you react to what happens.

And since I was often in my mind, or thoughts, I needed to get out of my mind and thoughts and have faith.  I needed to spend less time in my mind dwelling… I needed to focus on being more mindful and present in the moment.

It makes sense too, because nothing grand happens unless you take a leap of faith… and guess what it takes in order to take a leap of faith……………………. yep, faith.  How can I have faith if I don’t have faith? Dwelling in my mind is not having faith… stressing about things is not having faith.

Take a leap of faith!

Eric Louviere



14 Comments to “ 42 Secrets Of Making It Big With Internet Marketing”

  1. Hal Hoadley says :


    Thank you for writing this…

  2. John Bowyer says :

    Hey Eric,
    nice work, and agree about spiritual needs, and looking for the good deeds that can be done for others with all the extra money………..I really want to leave a Legacy and be remembered for good deeds and great contribution to humanity, Many happy returns for your birthday when it comes.

    1. Eric Louviere says :

      Thanks John Bowyer! I was in the park jogging the other day and went on a trail I had never walked on through the woods and noticed a memorial hidden back there.

      It had a nice stone bench, some nice landscaping and a little marquee for that person. I thought that was pretty cool because it’s been there for many years and I just happened upon it.

      That stonework will likely be there for a looooonnnnng time. Cool idea whoever did that for that good man. Yes, legacy! Leave a great one!

  3. Valeria says :

    Thanks, Eric, and Happy Birthday!

    Love the focus on Spirit. I think that may be why I was drawn to your work — the emphasis on the mind and spirit. I’ve been spiritually-focused for many years.

    My mission in life is to reach the pinnacle of financial and spiritual success, and to teach others how to do the same.

    I’ve got the spirit part pretty well in hand — I’ve learned how to feel joy and bliss even in the midst of events others might find devastating.

    I’m in a couple of your groups already, and what I’m learning from you will help me get the financial part in line.

    Thank you again for posting this!

    – V
    P.S. I’m living proof of the importance of the “From” field. I see your name and I automatically click. Experience has shown me there will be something in it worth reading.

    1. Anonymous says :

      Thanks Valeria! Very awesome comments you made and I appreciate it. I can already tell you have a lot of value to provide and share to people who would very much dig it! Heck, I can feel it!

      If you are connected spiritually, then set your intention… Take those leaps of faith… And keep on going down the rabbit hole… Focus on helping others by giving them value (forget about the dollars just focus on providing value to people)… And the financial will explode towards you.

      Key: value or helping other people.

      At least that’s my take. Thanks again!

  4. Eric Rosen says :

    Keep it coming bro! Awesome!

  5. Syed Akram says :

    I’ve already been online for 5 years I know 42 things above are 100% thru. So what you need to do aster reading those? TAKE ACTION GANG!

  6. Great post, Eric. You just nailed everything an Internet marketer needs to know, in my opinion.

  7. Matt Greener says :

    A lot of wisdom in this post. Traffic and conversions, what it all comes down to. I talk to people almost daily that don’t want to “pay” for traffic. If done right, traffic isn’t a payment, it’s an investment.

    Thank you for sharing and hope you have a great birthday!

  8. Martina says :

    Thank you so much quite educational and helpful, true spiritual aspect should always come first, and everything else follows.

  9. Paul Hobart says :

    Most excellent Eric. I too have a B-Day coming. Need to work on some of the 42 between now and then! Golf man…Golf!

  10. Hey Eric

    Happy Birthday! The good news is, you are younger than me….

    Thanks for brilliant insights. You are one of the few people I listen to, because I always get something, and usually a lot!

    God bless,


  11. lucas adamski says :

    hey Eric, great post!

    “(42) And for my 42nd birthday on the 7th, the 42nd biggest business breakthrough for me is this… I made a lot of money and even at times with a lot of money and success I was miserable. I had this burning flame inside me to chase something, to do something, this hasty feeling that was always unsatisfied. It was not until I realized I needed to focus on my “spiritual” side of things did I find true wealth.”

    What was this unsatisfied feeling actually? What was the root motive of this burning flame? Just curious.

    Its true to me that business success won’t make you really ‘truly’ happy. I realized that every time I come up with a new desire, a new goal, some ‘not enough’ feeling kicks in. After the goal is achieved, as we can call it a success, I feel satisfied for some time. There is no more desires and I feel content. And then a new thing comes in. It kind of goes on and on and on.

    What I found helpful for for example goal setting is to add a ‘letting go’ aspect. Thus you can set very high goals on yourself, but jsut after setting them you let go of the desired result. In this way you won’t really have an expectation for your goal, but still you will go in a right direction. You accept failure, you accept success. Then there is no fear associated with this goal because you’ve experienced both sides. You know that achieving this goal won’t really make you ‘happier’, or not achieving won’t make you less ‘happy’. Its just perception.

    I also found about being content that I set less goals or they come up more spontaneously. There is no more rigidity where you set weekly, monthly, yearls goals etc. but its just flowing.

  12. Rob Knowlan says :

    Those are all excellent points, Eric. The best thing is that they are all consistent with the training you’ve put out over the years. Better than best is that you live what you teach and that’s how we know it’s real.

    Still waiting for that origin story, big guy. ;^)