4 Steps To A Solid 6-Figure Income Online

Become good at solving problems and you become a valuable asset.

Not a day goes by that I encounter aspiring entrepreneurs putting all the focus on the wrong things. Trying to walk before they can crawl. If you want a thriving business…if you want to charge high prices you need to become a problem solver.

Here is a dead simple plan for building a 6-figure income fast:

  • Step 1 – Choose an in demand problem to solve
  • Step 2 – Take a deep dive into learning everything you can about that one problem
  • Step 3 – put a buy button online charging others to solve that problem
  • Step 4 – Put your solution in front of people with that problem.

Thats It! So lets go through the steps.

Choose an in demand problem to solve

Complete this step and you’re ahead of 90% of other aspiring entrepreneurs! Day in and day out we work with new clients and almost everyone of them have yet to choose a niche market. Lots of people are in this business for 5 years or more without selecting a niche.

Don’t over complicate it! Pick a niche where other products are sold, coaching is offered, seminars and workshops exist, etc. just pick a niche and go for it!

Take a deep dive into learning everything you can about that one problem

Spend two weeks Max! Learn everything you can about the problem you’re solving. Buy products, read books, read articles. Take a deep dive into it. Now you know more than 90% of people on that topic.

This is specialized knowledge my friend :). Specialized knowledge demands high prices. Then, working in the business everyday your knowledge will continue to grow. You will become more aware of the pains and struggles of your market. You will know exactly what they need. And you, yes you will become an expert.

Put a buy button online charging others to solve that problem

Now you take that specialized knowledge and put a price on it. You could:

  • Create a home study course on the topic
  • Solve the problem for people as a service. (Daily we get clients squeeze pages online, create autoresponder series for them, create products for them, and the list goes on. Done for you offers can lead to explosive income!
  • Coaching. Take your new specialized knowledge and walk people through the steps of solving their problem. Hold them accountable. Push them.

You can do this tonight. Get a sales page online with a buy button.

“But William I haven’t even created the course yet.”

Create it when people buy it. Send them to a thank you page where they can sign up for the first live call. Don’t want to do it live? Put the date the first training will be released and add in the video on that date. Money loves speed!

Put your solution in front of people with that problem

Put your solution in front of people with that problem.

Now all you need to do is take your solution and put it in front of people. This is where you start building an audience. An audience can come in many different shapes and sizes:

  • An email list
  • Facebook
  • YouTube following
  • Instagram
  • etc.

The key is getting in front of your audience regardless of where they are at. Go to your audience  so you can put your solution in front of them. Everyday you should be posting nuggets of quality content that helps them, inspires them, and gets them excited about you and your solution.

Word of warning: Most people make the mistake of creating their content and just posting it on their blog. Having a blog with quality content is great but this is a passive form of audience building. If you’re only relying on writing content on your blog and WAITING for the traffic to come to you it will be difficult to build an audience. Go to where your audience is and put your message in front of them. THEN send them back to your blog that has your squeeze page and free giveaway offer to get them on your email list.

Example: After I post this on the blog, it goes on our Facebook page, it will go in our Facebook group, it will go on my personal Facebook page, it will get linked on twitter, the blog post image might go on Instagram etc. We take our content to where our audience already is.

So there you have it the four step system to to a solid 6-figure income online. Instead of focusing on all the hype and gizmos, pick one niche, one solution, become the absolute best at that solution, and sell sell sell!

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