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5 Ways To Get Paid Higher Fees As A Coach Or Professional

There are thousands of endless activities and moves you can make to earn more revenue with your business or coaching services. One of the best ways to double your revenue is to double, triple or even 10x your prices and charge higher fees!

However, many professionals ‘hold themselves back’ thinking the marketplace will NOT spent that much. This is a very common preconceived notion that is flat wrong. You’re market can afford and will pay much higher fees, you just might not think you’re worthy of charging those higher fees… yet.

In fact, I hear it daily from new clients. They say, Well… my market is different Eric. They are broke and cannot afford those high-fees”. This is way not true.

If you want to earn more, charge more!

Here are five breakthroughs for earning higher fees

#1.  Train Your Market!

Or, RE-train your market.

Start today and stick to your guns. You are not cheap anymore. You are not like all the others out there. If they want cheap, go ahead and hire cheap and go find someone else… but they ‘ain’t’ for you and you ‘ain’t’ for them.

You are no longer a ‘beat up 1998 Ford Pickup Truck with cheap cracked tinted windows’, you’re an elegant, classy, luxury Bentley or Rolls Royce Or even a sporty Ferrari or Lambo!

Start training your market to know you’re at the top of the food chain on prices (even if you’re new!)

2.  Pay More Yourself!

Listen, if you’ve never invested 6k on coaching yourself… then the chances of you ‘charging’ others 6k is remote. You’re not likely going to feel confident charging others if you’ve never done it yourself. So, start acting the part. Start investing that type of money into yourself.

Heck, go hire your competition who charges high so you can see you are just as good as that person!  See for yourself… you can charge high fees too!

3.  The market mirrors you!

If you are a high caliber individual and think of yourself a certain way… you’ll attract those SAME types of people who think similar to you!

For example, if you act like a gangster, you’ll get a lot of gangster type clients and customers, machine guns and all!

If you’re fit and healthy and into sports, guess who you’ll attract?

If you’re ambitious, a go-getter and a highly productive person who vibrates at high frequencies, yep, so will your clients.

Therefore, if you are super cheap… what type of clients could you be attracting?

4.  Add an element to your offers that command higher fees!

This is a big one!

If you are charging $7 for your book and have a membership club that is $14 per month, how about adding in “group coaching” or 1on1 coaching, and charge 10k!

Or, if you do 1on1 coaching right now for $80 a session (BTW, that’s killing you, we need to talk!)… then add in offline workshops and watch your income explode!

Add in an online coaching program and watch your income balloon overnight! Add in a physical newsletter! Add in a mastermind retreat!

I’m saying, adding in one element can make a world of difference fast!

5.  Get more traffic and leads!

How do you get your leads now? Most professionals have no real system other than referrals or speaking gigs at the local health store or BNI group meet ups.

Instead, invest and focus on true marketing!

Start getting tons of leads from Facebook ads or LinkedIn marketing. Fire up a podcast and start interviewing people and teaching. Dive into content marketing! Blogging! Something!

Don’t just sit there hoping clients come find you and fall in your lap, because it’s “out of sight, out of mind!” Go get the traffic, leads, prospects and turn them into clients!

If you implement these five ways to boost your fees, you’ll see key advancements in your results immediately.