Are You Too Comfortable?

Every week I talk to motivated people who are somewhat serious about generating a full-time income online from home with their own online business.  After many years of interacting with these people, and trying hard to help them, I’ve noticed quite a number of similarities.

I pay close attention to the people who get stuff done, who follow the steps, take action, implement and succeed VERSUS the larger majority of good people who fail for many years.

One major difference is the one’s who succeed are more hungry to succeed for some reason versus the others who seem quite comfortable where they are.  Now, don’t get me wrong, they all would like to earn big incomes and live free “internet” lifestyles… However —

Those who are comfortable seem to be in no hurry whatsoever and they set their goals FAR out into the future.  They say things like, “Eric… if I can earn some money to supplement my income within a year, that would be great and then I can scale from there to six figures.”

There is no urgency there… no fire… no hunger… no pain… just comfort.

If I ask them, “how much do you want to earn in the next six months?” and they say something like, “I’d just like to get some results so my wife will stop ripping on me about all the time I spend trying to make this work”… then I often know they are quite comfortable where they are.

Another question I often ask people is, “how long have you been trying to earn money online?” and many often answer with a depressed remark, “well Eric, I’m ashamed to say, uh, man, well, it’s been 9 years now without any results whatsoever.”

There is real pain in their voices.

However, is there hunger and urgency to FINALLY breakthrough and earn the money they’ve been after for so long?

The answer is unfortunately:


Most are fine with where they are and there is no urgency or hunger there.  I believe this is a major factor for them NOT achieving their goals or succeeding…

…for many long years!

AND, to make things worse, I’d predict another 9 years of failure will come to pass if that comfort-zone remains without real hunger ever showing up.

Now, when I talk to hungry individuals there is REAL urgency in their voices.  If you can put yourself in my shoes for a moment and imagine coaching people for 10 years now, you’d quickly distinguish that there are two types of people in this market…

TYPE ONE:  Comfortable

TYPE TWO:  Hungry

Which type would you think succeed at a much higher clip?

Listen, I get a lot of clients who come to me because something happened.  They lost a job, or got a notice they will soon lose their jobs… or a divorce or a big financial catastrophe… or some type of inner inspiration brewed to the surface and they are now more motivated to succeed than ever before.

It’s usually something scary has happened and their financial “survival” is at risk.  (more on survival in a moment).

Other times, people become very hungry to succeed not because their financial survival is at risk, but because they are now extremely motivated.  Nothing bad happened at all, in fact something quite good happened.  They got deeply inspired and motivated because they read something (like this article), or they listened to an audio, or went to a seminar, or got coaching or something like that happened to AMPLIFY their desire and urgency to do it now!

Now, some people are just deeply driven at their core.  They have an ever burning flame in their gut that can never be permanently put out.  They have to succeed, it’s part of who they are.  They are cursed with ambition!

A person blessed with ambition is also cursed with it. ~ Eric Louviere

Yes, some people just have an ambition that seems to be part of their soul.  It’s like “ambition” came in the operating system, or actually, it’s part of the hardware!  These people can be kicked down to the dirt, where they lose it all and are the worst versions of themselves ever, but they rise again, defeat the naysayers and end up succeeding (again!).

Ask me how I know these people so well.

Now, why do the comfortable seem to rarely succeed online?

Well, because of our natural instinct for survival.

It’s one thing to survive and another to thrive!

Many people are just fine if the bills are getting paid and food is on the table and there’s not too much to worry about.  Not to be controversial, but a lot of people believe many folks on welfare or food-stamps stay there because of comfort (not all of course).

They also say it’s easier for a person to go from rags to riches than from a six figure job to riches.  This is because the six figure job person is comfortable and the broke person is extremely uncomfortable.

Again, it’s one thing to simply survive and quite another to thrive.  A person who is focused on survival will often do just enough to survive.  For example, if a marketer needs to earn around 6k per month to pay the bills and live comfortably, they will often earn right around this much for years. It’s their thermostat-income-threshold.

Change the number to 16k per month and marketers or business owners will continue to earn right around that much per month.  If it’s 160k per month, same thing.

If we are focused on “surviving” then we say things like, “If I can just earn around 5k more, then I can cover the bills for the month and relax.”

To focus on survival means that’s
what we’ll get… Just enough to survive.

To change this up, others are focused on thriving instead of just surviving.  They are focused on going and getting more and more… and it’s not just for the money, but for many other reasons too, like giving or changing their family tree, leaving a legacy, etc.

I often tell people to focus on their children if they have kids.  I ask questions like, “have you saved for their college?” and that hits home.  The reason I “go there” is because it’s a deep drive and it’s instinct to help our kids thrive.  As people tap into that inner drive, they get a sense of real “ambition” or motivation that goes beyond their normal “survival” threshold.

In other words, it’s where we put our focus.

If we put our focus on thriving and succeeding and increase the urgency, then we get more aggressive.  A comfortable person is not aggressive.  They are quite easy-going and there is no hunger or urgency, so then when adversity shows up, these people move on to other things.

Think about it, if you are quite comfortable and used to being comfortable, and then you start taking action on your business, then adversity shows up, wouldn’t it be uncomfortable to be uncomfortable?  Many would run for the hills at the first sign of adversity or being uncomfortable.  Make sense?

Therefore, listen… it’s inevitable that it requires being uncomfortable to succeed.  Adversity will certainly show up. It’s a surefire thing.  Bet the house on it.

When adversity shows up, hungry people keep going and plow through the adversity.  However, when adversity shows up for comfortable people, they move on to something else that seems less threatening.  This is a cycle because EVERYTHING NEW IS UNCOMFORTABLE.

This is why you see people who have been at this for 10 years and still don’t even have a niche picked out, not a squeeze page to be found and they don’t even know what to do.  They are still lost after a decade of “trying”.

When adversity shows up, successful
people keep going DESPITE the adversity. 

Read that again and pound it in your head.

Adversity is definitely going to show up. I call it “resistance”.  When you meet with resistance, it takes real courage to push through the resistance.  This is why coaching and mentoring is so effective by the way.  You can borrow courage and confidence from your mentor while you are going through the “darkness” or resistance.

I don’t care what it is you try to accomplish in this life, you are going to be met with resistance.  If you want to go lose 50 pounds of fat, guess what’s going to show up the second you commit and try?  YES, resistance!

Here’s an example:

People say to me all the time “I’m not confident doing _______”.  For example, “I’m not confident to do webinars and speak in front of people”.  Well, guess what!?  NEITHER WAS I!  Neither was anyone who has ever done a webinar for the first time.  Most every human being was nervous the first time they did a live webinar.

Anything new and worthy is often met with resistance.

Here’s how it often goes for people in this business:

For a few months they are highly motivated because they hate their job and could get fired any second.

But then they get a raise or promotion, or a new job and then they disappear from their former goal of making big bucks online. They are comfortable again and we don’t see them for a year!

Then, that job gets crappy and now they are motivated again and they are back at it.

Sound familiar?

People go through peaks and valleys in their lives.  One moment they are rocking and everything they touch turns to gold… but winter is coming… and soon they are worried and become driven to succeed again.

This can go on for a person’s entire life!  The cycle just continues forever.

So Are You Too Comfortable?

If you are too comfortable, then that could be, in my opinion, your single biggest reason for not achieving your goals… err… dreams.

Comfortable people are reactive.

Hungry people are PRO-active.

If you are comfortable and realize this now, but want to become uncomfortable and more hungry with much more urgency to succeed then start focusing on your “why”.  Why do you want to succeed?  Increase your “reasons why” and increase your “wants”.

Realize life is short and you’ve only got so many years to be successful.

Also realize this business and internet lifestyle is REAL!

I often say, “there are plenty of morons walking around in this market making six figures per year, so you can too!”  I say that often because it’s true!  It does not require much at all to succeed at this.  It certainly does not require brains or education.

What it does require is courage to do things that are uncomfortable or new.

However, courage is in short supply in our society these days.

Our true survival is never truly in danger in the developed world.  I mean when is the last time you had to escape from a tiger chasing you down or protect your family from a pack of wild wolves?

Yes indeed, too many people in this market are too comfortable and therefore never have the courage or drive to plow through “the resistance” to actually succeed.  They are too comfortable to handle adversity or stick to anything long enough or hard enough.

This Is The Single Biggest Problem!

Being too comfortable is the single biggest challenge people in this market have.

There are two primary types of drive.

Type one:  The drive to survive

Type two:  The drive to thrive

Unfortunately for most, their drive is to remain comfortable and that’s where their focus is at.

We get what we focus on.

Focus on thriving.

Get hungry.

Get aggressive.

Get urgent.