Social media is one of the best ways to get your message out to the masses. Many business professionals and home business owners have learned the true power of creating a Facebook fan page. The average American is on Facebook for at least 40 minutes a day, which for some is more time than they
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After 10 years of coaching people 1on1 and in group sessions, I can tell you the HUGE differences between what it looks like to produce six figures online and what it looks like to earn NOTHING!  It’s very obvious. Here, I’ll show you: Those who don’t make money online have nothing to sell.  They are
Become good at solving problems and you become a valuable asset. Not a day goes by that I encounter aspiring entrepreneurs putting all the focus on the wrong things. Trying to walk before they can crawl. If you want a thriving business…if you want to charge high prices you need to become a problem solver.
If you feel lost, frustrated, anxious or even depressed about your entrepreneurial dreams, then this post is just what the doctor ordered.  Take a deep breath and dive into this one word at a time.  And, let’s start with this word:  good! It’s good that you feel this way usually because it snaps us out

How Can Introverts Succeed?

One of the most common questions I get from online business owners is “how can introverts succeed”? What they are really saying is they are shy and not “public” people.  They are intimidated by being “famous” or a “guru”… and that being public, or the “FACE” of the business, is really not their thing.  So,

6-Figures To 7-Figures Online

Brace for impact… I have a bit of a wake-up-call and tough-love advice to give here… However, if you dig into this advice, you’ll get insights most people will never realize themselves. Consider this million-dollar-advice to be a smashing “edge” most out there don’t have and never will. FIRST, it’s important to know where this
There you are… looking at this guy over there who is a massive success. You’re watching him smile and glide through life with ease. Nothing seems to bother him and you’d like to be like him. He’s magnetic and glows with confidence. What’s his secret? Well, I believe the secret is in the power of