Eric Louviere has been in the Internet Marketing world since 2004 and has generated millions of dollars online. He is known for having helped countless people quit their day jobs from learning online marketing. Many have reached over $100,000 per year online and credit Eric for helping them get there. In fact, Eric has several who have reached the $1,000,000 (Million) dollar per year mark and credit Eric for being the main reason they reached such high levels.

Eric Louviere even has former employees and staff members who went on to earn substantial incomes. Here’s what he had to say recently about his former employees and staff members:

“Many of my former employees and staff members have gone on to earn six and seven figures online themselves, including my old programmer who now does over $1,000,000 (million) dollars per month online!!

These staff members saw the revenue I was generating, learned from me, took action on their own and some now produce even more than I do!

Funny huh? I used to tell them they were smarter than I was and I just had the courage to actually take action… and if they just took action they could make more than me. Some of them did… and do now earn more than me.”

LinkedIn is a great place for networking. Now, with Microsoft’s purchase of it, exciting things are expected to come in the near future. It is more important than ever to establish yourself on this platform, as it will only continue to grow. Since 2012, membership has nearly tripled, to over 100 million users, and is
Social media is one of the best ways to get your message out to the masses. Many business professionals and home business owners have learned the true power of creating a Facebook fan page. The average American is on Facebook for at least 40 minutes a day, which for some is more time than they
After 10 years of coaching people 1on1 and in group sessions, I can tell you the HUGE differences between what it looks like to produce six figures online and what it looks like to earn NOTHING!  It’s very obvious. Here, I’ll show you: Those who don’t make money online have nothing to sell.  They are
Become good at solving problems and you become a valuable asset. Not a day goes by that I encounter aspiring entrepreneurs putting all the focus on the wrong things. Trying to walk before they can crawl. If you want a thriving business…if you want to charge high prices you need to become a problem solver.
There you are… looking at this guy over there who is a massive success. You’re watching him smile and glide through life with ease. Nothing seems to bother him and you’d like to be like him. He’s magnetic and glows with confidence. What’s his secret? Well, I believe the secret is in the power of

I’m CALLING You Out!

I’M CALLING YOU OUT! Hey, I’m writing this post very carefully so it will be one of the most lucrative posts you’ve ever read. Seriously. I might upset a bunch of people here, but hopefully not. That’s not my intention. My intention in this email is to TRANSFORM you into a huge success. Therefore, do
Imagine if YOU earned a million dollars online in a year.  Would you even think that is possible, or do you believe that is way far beyond what is possible for you?  Heck, maybe you are thinking to yourself how you’d simply just like to earn a few thousand dollars per month, much less 100

Raise Your Game!

If you want to earn more, become more, generate more, do more, achieve more, escape day jobs, work from home, earn six figures or seven — or eight — or reach a higher level of business success, then you’ll need to start “raising your game”! Be, Do and Have is the secret here and it’s
I was texting last night with one of my Chairman Elite Clients, Danny Reade and he explained to me that he had made over $15,000 in a single day online!!  How powerful is that?  I took a screenshot and here’s his texts to me: What Danny did was run a special limited offer.  He followed
I know people can get a bit caught up in the ‘allure’ or glitz of Internet Marketing gurudom.  It’s easy to get dazzled or even faked-out by the positioning magic top experts distribute.  With Facebook, Twitter, Forums and even blogs like this one, it’s easy to position yourself as something special. Professional pictures with Photoshop