Millionaires: Fortune Favors The Bold!

Last time, I posted about “Failure” and some people chimed in with some great comments to that post.  Mike Carl listed out a lot of fears in his comment and others had some savvy responses.  In that post I mentioned the saying “Fortune Favors The Bold!” and that is one of my favorite quotes of

What Happens When You Fail?

Have you ever thought about embracing failure?  I mean, to actually welcome it with open arms and appreciate it for it’s true beauty and mystery?  Have you ever been knocked off your feet… been screwed over by someone… lost it all… made huge mistakes… beat yourself up about things so much it makes you a

Jason Moffatt is what now?

Recently, Internet marketer and road-trip professional, Jason Moffatt showed up in Austin, TX for a meet and greet mixer downtown.  There were 30 or so folks hanging out to meet with each other and listen to JMO speak from stage. We had a lot of fun as you can imagine, and JMO expressed how he

Universal Laws Of Wealth?

I’m certainly not someone to take seriously when I talk about the universe.. or any special laws that exists that brings fortunes to you by merely broadcasting that to the universe… because I dont know if those laws actually exist or not. However, I will admit to you that I do read and pay attention

Motivation Is Only Temporary

Being motivated is a good thing.  It can catapult you, or spark you towards achieving whatever it is you are looking to achieve.  However, I believe “motivation” is only temporary.  It’s not enough to win.  It’s not enough to be merely motivated. Motivation is temporary and drive is forever! It’s much better to be driven. 

Make Money Online Internet

As you are aware, there are countless ways to make money online.  I mean, it seems every single day there’s some new method to follow to earn money from home.  Business opportunities are abundantly available… err pitched to us all over Internet-land.  Our email in-boxes are bombarded with every opportunity under the sun.  There is

Make Millions Online! (An Aspen Adventure)

We recently took a family vacation to Aspen, Colorado for almost two weeks.  Initially, it was one week, but we loved Aspen so much we extended the fun.  I’d have to say that Aspen is one of my favorite places in America.  It’s so beautiful there, it’s almost unbelieveable. Well…. if you like moutanins, rivers,

The Bug!

When it comes to earning big cash online, I’ve noticed more than a gazillion times, when individuals get that special itch (no, not that one, the one for making money) and out of nowhere, they seem like changed people.  They now, all of a sudden, have that twinkle in their eyes.  You see, all of