Check out how much this kid just earned

I was texting last night with one of my Chairman Elite Clients, Danny Reade and he explained to me that he had made over $15,000 in a single day online!!  How powerful is that?  I took a screenshot and here’s his texts to me:

photoWhat Danny did was run a special limited offer.  He followed steps I’ve taught him and he also used his own brain and ideas, and turned it into a huge pay day!

Danny is very young BTW.

Not only is Danny making tons of money and living a great Internet lifestyle of pure freedom, he’s changing lives!  He’s helping people with Aspergers and he’s doing it well.

Him and his partner are (A) helping and giving and providing TREMENDOUS value and (B) following the real steps in marketing instead of bouncing around from one pie in the sky to the next.

What does it take to make money online?  Well, you have to find a demand and then fulfill that demand with a compelling “offer”.  What Danny did was simple, he knows his market well and he focused on providing a solution to a problem (meeting a demand).

He followed the “direct marketing” steps to meet that demand by creating a persuasive, compelling offer to a rabid marketplace.  The market is responding by giving Danny tons of money for the value he’s providing.

However, the problem for most marketers is they dont even know what market they are even in, much less how to “meet a demand” or “solve a problem” for the people… and they surely do not know how to make windfalls of cash like Danny just did.

All my clients do is follow the same steps I take, that Danny takes and others who have succeeded and ARE succeeding right now.  They are over there earning big money by helping their brothers and sisters solve problems.  Isn’t it time you did the same?

Start solving problems and start following the steps we all follow to earn this kind of money.  The footsteps are the same pretty much, but you’ve got to actually take the steps.

Your best step could be to get into a solid mastermind or to get a trusted mentor to work 1on1 with.  I have both, a mastermind and a coaching program.  If you are interested, submit a help ticket or reach out to me and let’s make it happen for you too!  On the help ticket, just say “interested in mastermind and coaching from Eric” and I’ll send you the details of what I have going right now for you.


Eric Louviere


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  1. Kathryn Winkles says :Reply

    I am interested in mastermind and coaching from Eric.

  2. keon says :Reply

    “interested in mastermind and coaching from Eric” how much ?

  3. Angelo says :Reply

    I am interested

  4. Emanuel Lila says :Reply

    I interested what you said but excuse me, how for me because I don’t have fund to join with? God Bless

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