Crash the First Page of Google

Crash The First Page Of Google

Google is a giant. I mean truly, it is a giant. It reaches literally every corner of the globe now, and is still growing. People all over the world use Google, and Google takes advantage of this. They offer tons of ad services, and even rank websites based on if they deem them worthy.

The great thing about Google is they will rank you content higher if they believe that content is legitimate and relevant. SEO, or search engine optimization, basically rewards pages with a ranking on their first page.

There is competition out there, though. Google ranks websites based heavily on content, and this brings other sites into play. We ran an experiment on what factors are the most important to achieving that elusive first page ranking, and the results were very interesting. Here are the best ways to achieve a higher SEO ranking:

  1. Improve Keyword Research

Having the right keywords is vital to being ranked higher on Google. Researching keywords is important in that you are able to identify words that will help you really connect with your audience. Using the correct keywords will increase targeted traffic to your website, and will increase conversions.

Think about it, if you are trying to find targeted customers, then why not use the exact words they are searching for?

This is why you must take keyword research very seriously. It will not only tell you what your customers want, but also will give you an idea of how much competition there is for other keyword phrases. Look for the keywords with high monthly search volumes, but the least amount of competition.

  1. Content Relevance

Content is the most important factor in achieving a higher SEO ranking on Google. How well your content covers what the user is looking for ultimately results in how high you rank. This makes it much more competitive to rank on Google’s first page. You must focus on developing content that will make you stand out more, and making it truly remarkable.

Longer content also has an advantage with Google. Keeping your content over 1,000 words consistently will receive more favorable treatment, and will help you get on the first page.

  1. Social Media

Unknown to most online marketers, social media can actually be one of the most powerful resources to ranking higher. This is where getting creative is absolutely necessary. The more shares you have on each platform, the higher you will go. Basically, don’t share boring content. People don’t like it, and thus will result in less engagement with your posts. If you can get a post to go viral, you will almost instantly shoot to the top.

Social media marketing is also a way to deliver a steady stream of organic links and engagement from targeted audiences. You should be giving value away for free on every platform. Free content is a great way to get tons of engagement, leading to much higher rankings.

  1. Backlinks

Repeat after me: Do Not Spam People. This is a big deal, trust me. You must make sure your links are natural links, and they won’t lead people to complain, which will lead Google to keep you off of their pages completely. Always make sure your links work as well. Having links to quality content on your site will instantly up your rank.

Ranking up on Google is one of the fastest ways to explode your business. Just by following these simple steps, you can watch your rankings go up tremendously. Keep pressing when you do hit page one though, cause you can fall in the rankings even faster than you moved up.