Your First $2,000 As A Coach Or Course Provider: Mini-Tutorial #2

Mini-Tutorial #2

Finally!  Here’s How To Just Get ‘Cashflow Rolling-In’ Already!

… And How To Stop Spinning Your Wheels Going Nowhere For Years & Years!

By Eric Louviere

WARNING!  This Is A “No Hold’s Barred, Rebel, Hard Hitting, Kick-In-The-Pants” Type Of Tough-Love ‘Report’.  Enjoy. J

Stop Spinning Your Wheels, Wasting Your Time & Money, And Just Get *Cash-Flow* Rolling-In Already!

From:  Eric Louviere

Lakeway, Texas

RE:  Mini-tutorial #2

If you missed “mini-tutorial #1” you can download it here.

   Dear Colleague —

   A person on my email list emailed me and said the following:

   At least Larry knows his problem here because so many others don’t even realize they have this same problem and that is they are bouncing around from one thing to the next never really giving any ONE thing a solid (necessary) effort.

   They are going a mile wide and only an inch deep.  Instead, they (you) need to go a mile deep and only an inch wide to actually make it and breakthrough to cash-flow.

   This is one of the most valuable, in your face, smashmouth lessons you can learn in business and that is to specialize in ONE main offer, not 32 different offers.

   I’m going to drive this home!  Keep reading…

   If you try to do a bunch of different things, they will ALL FAIL, every single one of them!  The reason is only giving any one thing a 10% effort or focus is NOT good enough and is doomed for failure.

   I’ve made over 30 million online and I cannot even do multiple different projects or businesses.  I’ll fail most of the time if I run myself thin and only give each and every project a wimpy 10% effort.

   To succeed at ANYTHING, you’ll need a 90% effort or just forget-about-it.  Give up, quit, flip burgers, be a day-job-dawg, but don’t blame or complain to anyone but yourself for not GOING ALL IN ON ONE THING!

   Nobody is good enough, smart enough, talented enough, brilliant enough, skilled enough to make several things work well.  Nobody is good at that, unless they already have things going… then just adding-on to what’s already working.

   Here’s what happens, you have people wanting to succeed at MLM on a Monday… then switch to Blogging on a Tuesday… then switch to being a social media star on a Wednesday… then it’s an ecommerce store on a Thursday… LinkedIn on a Friday… and who knows what on the weekend.

   That’s a recipe and blueprint for FAILURE.

   Instead, be smart, and focus on One problem and One solution for ONE type of client.

One Problem And

One Solution!

   That’s where the cash-flow is at.

   The cashflow is found in simplicity… making things simple, not complex.  The easier it is to understand what problem your offer solves, the easier it will be to make money, which is just as good as cash. 😉

   It’s going to come from deciding to provide one main solution to people who have one main problem.   Solve Problems!  Solve one simple problem.  Make it so easy to understand what problem you solve so even a 5th grader could see your offer and know what it is in 45 seconds.

   It would be far easier to make money with an offer like:

  • I set you up with a winning YouTube channel, all done for you

   However, that’s not what 99% of people do.  They try to sell MLM offers or affiliate offers, and they switch things up and they never zero-in on one main problem.

   For example, they sell all 100 products the MLM company provides, instead of solving one problem “lose weight”.

  It would be far easier to make money with an offer like:

  • I personally help you lose 20lbs of fat, smoothly and without crazy dieting or insane workouts.

   It would be easier than selling, “here’s my gizmo-3000 supplements that also come with a business opportunity”.  Nobody wants that.

One Simple Offer!

   Business… err… SUCCESSFUL business, is boring.

   In other words, fight the urge to do 43 different things to make money because each little shiny object is attractive to you and catches your attention.

   Instead, go all in on ONE main offer and stick to it until you are earning good money, then stick to it even longer.  Then, when you’re bored, don’t sabotage what’s working by stopping it and starting up something newer (grass is greener type new thing).  Fight the boredom and monotonousness and stick to the ONE thing that is working.  Focus on making it better and better.

   Unless you enjoy failing and losing money, then keep switching things up, keep sabotaging what’s working and keep bouncing around from one shiny object to the next.  Failure is imminent that way.

Are You A 20 Min Person… 2 Hour Person…

20 Hour Person… A 2-Month Person??

   Everyone is a little different, but this is a good way of looking at yourself when it comes to what we are talking about here.  Are you a 20 minute person, who gets excited and interested for about 20 min and then moves on to something else for 20 min, then again moves on to even something new again for 20 min, and so on?

   Or, maybe your threshold is 2-hours.  You can dig into a book, or course, or idea, or put in the effort for about 2-hours and then you’re done and on to the next thing?

   For example, and this might hit home for you, but do you get home from the dreaded day job… eat dinner and then log on to the computer and work on your side-hustle for about 2-hours, then go to bed?

   … Then the next day, same thing, except instead of continuing to work on what you worked on the night before, you start up something completely different and new for tonight’s “two-hour-work-a-thon”?

   Maybe, perhaps, you log on to your email inbox, and then check emails and see something interesting, and that takes you on a wild-goose-chase with some shiny new object that caught your attention?

   This is the “Dimension Of Distraction.”

   This is a great example of what most people out there do… they bounce around from one “distraction” to the next.  They cannot ever make any real headway because they are chasing an illusion (distraction).

  Here’s the deal…

   If you are a 20 min person, you’ll fail for years to come.

   If you are a 2-hour person, same thing.

   If you are a 20 hour person or 2-month person, you’ll fail.

   What you need to be is a 2-year person.

   At 2-years, that’s when the major breakthrough happens.  That’s the mark where most people truly breakthrough and have become masterful at solving ONE main problem.

   Imagine if you put in 20-minutes to be masterful at YouTube marketing.  After only 20-minutes, you wont know jack-wagon crap to make money in business, and if you did bring on a client, you’re basically committing fraud because you don’t know what you’re doing with only 20 minutes, duh!

   Wouldn’t it be the same thing for only putting in 2-hours, or 20 hours?

   Well, at the two-month mark, I’d say, if you stuck to it through 2-months-straight, you’d end up knowing more about YouTube marketing than 99% of the entire planet will ever know!

   At that 2-month mark, you can make a full time living!

   You’ll likely need help (like my help, go to to get my help)

   But, at 2 months, you’re more than capable of making a six-figure income… heck, a hefty six figure income!

   And, as you start making good money, all kinds of things will go wrong.  Congratulations, you just got a new set of problems.  It’s a good thing, but you’ll need to plow through these new challenges.

   For example, you might find “clients” to be hard to manage and they want refunds and attack you.  Here you are making good money and doing the very best you can to help them, but for some reason, a percentage of your clients flat hate you and want your head on a stick.  Why?

   Well, it’s normal and the footsteps are the same.  

   We all went through that and now you have to learn what we learned about toxic clients and client selection, etc.  Congrats, a new set of problems and you’ll likely need some help (like my help and you can get it at

   Then, at the two-year mark, you have stuck with one business (one problem and one solution) so now you are world-class at handling this problem for your customers.  I mean, at 2-years you really know your stuff!

   And, you really know your target-client!

   You know them better than they know themselves!  You know (at 2 years) what makes them tick!  You know what keeps them up late at night worrying.  You know what they love, what they hate, what problems they have, what they desire, what they buy… everything!

   And, if you know your client well… REAL WELL… then you can craft more offers, up-sells, high-ticket solutions and you can sell them with your eyes closed, because you know what they want and need and desire!

   Did you read all that I just wrote?

   It’s pure liquid gold!

   Read it again!

   Don’t discount off my free mini-tutorial… it’s extremely valuable what I’m teaching you here.

To Finally Make Money,

Finally Stop Making Excuses!

   So many people vomit their excuses all over me for the past 14+ years about how they cannot make it, how the gurus are all snakes taking their money, how nothing works and yadda yadda yadda.

  It’s a bunch of excuses for:

  • Bouncing around all over the place
  • Not being focused (hyper focused)
  • Not being disciplined
  • Not serving people and helping your customers solve a problem
  • Not being brave
  • Not investing in your business (ads, coaching, help!)
  • Not treating this like a REAL business but as a hobby (wont ever work, forget about it if you treat this like a side entertainment hobby)
  • Not selling anything (people go years and never sell a thing)
  • Not focusing on traffic and lead generation
  • Not focusing on selling
  • Hiding behind the internet and not talking to people
  • Trying to be anonymous so the boss don’t see what your side hustle is
  • Not branding
  • Not building a real business
  • Not talking to people over the phone or zoom calls, Skype, etc.

In A Nutshell… Get The Cash Flow!

   You see, there are tons of people out there who make BIG money online and what they are doing is ugly, terrible, and all jacked-up!

   I’m serious, you see people making big money DESPITE having terrible copywriting, bad offers, bad prices, and everything is too complex, yet people BUY from them and they do great!

   I see this daily on Facebook.

   I see people with terrible copywriting on their ads, but yet, I’ve seen them running these ads for weeks and weeks!  They would not continue running the same ads if those ads were not working (because they’d be flushing money down the toilet and nobody does that long).

   My point is, you see people violating every copywriting and marketing law in the book, yet STILL making big money… WHY??

   Well, they are at least doing the basic and fundamental steps.

   They are executing and implementing.

   Here, look at this email I got 7 hours ago…

She Made $350,000 Being Terrible At Marketing:

   I’m not sure how well you can read that, but she says she has made 350k over the past couple years without even knowing what she is doing and being terrible at marketing.

   She explained where and how she’s making money, and it’s elementary.  She could 4X to 10X her income… OVERNIGHT (with my magical marketing methods!)

   The point though, is she’s IMPLEMENTING and following through, and executing and putting food on the table.  Her family depends on her, so she gets it done.

   This is also an entire other topic, but when someone MUST make money, they do.  But when the government takes care of them or unemployment checks or an inheritance, people don’t take “all the way” action to put food on the table.  It is what it is.  

   I’m not saying people don’t need help from time to time, I’m saying if it becomes a LIFESTYLE… then the odds are heavily stacked against someone doing “what it takes” to earn big in a self-disciplined and “go get it no matter what” manner.

   The same with day jobs.

   Usually, often, people who have comfy day jobs tend to not “go all in” or execute “all the way through” on anything (for years and years) because deep down, they don’t have to.  As soon as the first sign of adversity shows up, they tend to quit and move on to a new shiny object.

   Because, why deal with pain if one does not have to?

   Business can be PAINFUL and we avoid pain, even subconsciously, even without realizing it.  I mean, as soon as some setback happens or pain, like someone attacking you on social media, your mind says, “why are we doing this again?  Why are we adding this pain to our life again? No thanks” and your mind sabotages it.  (He gone!)

   You’ve got to implement ALL THE WAY THROUGH to the end, to the finish line.  If you quit too soon, you quit 3-feet from gold.

   Here’s a great illustration of a guy quitting too soon and not following all the way through to the end.

   Again, here’s my big point:

   Even if everything you do is ugly and all messed up, you can still make a great income because you finished it!  Even ugly copywriting sales.  Even ugly websites sell.  

   However, if you never fully complete the entire thing, you’ll never get the gold and will quit too often, bouncing around from one thing to the next, never getting anywhere.

If You Have A Great, Simple, Irresistible Offer…Then, You Can Suck At Everything Else Marketing Wise, And STILL Make Big Incomes!!

   If you have a simple… yet irresistible… offer, then you can write that offer down on a napkin with crayon, and still make 6 or 7+ figures.

   I’m not joking.

   I believe I wrote about this in the first mini-tutorial, more.

   But, likely you need help crafting a WINNING OFFER!

   I provide you with that personal help inside my program.  It’s the best program online today in the world for making a full time living online.  I go all in and help my clients inside that program like you’ve never seen before!

   You need help to get to that next level, period.

   If you’re not going to get it from me, get it from someone, because if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got.

   In other words, the footsteps are the same to make six or seven figures, but you’ll likely not take the footsteps properly unless you get someone who has been there and done that, to help you.

   I had to get that help.

   We all had to get that help.

   It’s just the way the universe works.  To get more, you’ve got to become more, and to become more, you have to rely on your brothers and sisters on planet Earth to help you get there.

   Not everyone is ready for help, most will NEVER get the proper help and they will NEVER arrive or breakthrough to a higher income.

   It’s not just the methods and strategies and steps… it’s the mindset as well.

   I’ve seen too many people FAIL simply because they have a mindset block that is getting in their way… and they don’t even realize it!

   Mindset is 90% of what it takes.

   The other 10% is the tactical steps.

   Like I said, I see people making big bucks with ugly stuff and they are violating every rule in the book… yet they are making big bucks because:

  1.  They have the right mindset (even if they don’t realize it)
  2.  They implemented the basic steps (even if done ugly and terrible)

In A Nutshell And In Conclusion!

   Thanks for reading this far.

   Let me end with this…

   The basic steps are:

  1.  Get (QUALITY) traffic/leads.  Keyword is “Quality”.
  2. Convert those leads into cashflow with a proper “conversions” system.
  3. Have an irresistible offer that is simple, yet compelling.
  4. Have the right mindset and stop sabotaging your results.

   Basically, traffic and conversions, is the key.

   If you are not getting any traffic & leads, you are not making money

   If you don’t have a smoking hot offer, you’re not making any money

   If you cannot convert leads into cashflow, you’re not making any money.

   If your mindset is destroying final results, you wont make a dime.

God Bless You!

~Eric Louviere

CEO & Founder

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