Four Ways To Blow Up Your Twitter Following

Four Ways To Blow Up Your Twitter Following


Twitter is an easy way to get yourself in front of millions of people, instantly. Unlike Facebook, Twitter lets you connect with people you aren’t already friends with. Using the right hashtags will put you in view of people who don’t even follow you.

Just look at the current presidential race. Both sides are using Twitter more than any other platform. The reason is, they know they are going to reach a lot more people using Twitter than other platforms. Go look at their profiles. Observe how often they Tweet, and how often they engage with their followers. Then notice over the next week how their following will increase each day.

Twitter is essential in the online business world as well. We have been using Twitter as a way to reach people we never knew we could. We have also gotten more followers, and subscribers recently since we discovered an easy way to get followers. Below are the four best ways I found that gets you the most followers:

  • Go on a follow blitz

This is one of the most time consuming steps, but it will get you followers, without having to pay anything. Find the most influential people in your market, and follow their followers. Make sure you only follow 100 a day though, as Twitter prefers you not go over that. Following 100 people a day will increase who you follow at first, so it is important to go back and unfollow those who either did not follow you back, or are totally unengaged. A great tool for this is crowdfire.

  • Pump out tons of content

Tweet once an hour. No, Im not kidding. This is a great way to build a massive following, and for free. You can tweet links to your blog, youtube page, facebook page, etc. By posting once an hour, you are making sure your tweets are seen. Basically, how Twitter works, is that it refreshes every hour. So someone that logs on at 2, won’t see your tweet that was posted at 1, cause their feed would be too full. Plus, say if someone is following 1,000 people, your competing with them for views as well.

  • Have a solid cover photo

Appearances are everything. You should know this, I mean, who wants to follow a supposed “life coach” who’s cover photo is a blurry enlarged one? You have to either make one with an editing software such as, or pay someone to make one for you. If you are on a budget, is a great place to find cheap pictures.

People will make their decision to follow you often based upon appearances, so having a picture that shows professionalism, but also being down to earth, is very ideal.

  • Twitter Ads

Of course, there are always Twitter Ads. Running a followers’ ad is very important, even if it’s only $5 a day. Having a small likes ad keeps your page active, as new followers generally engage much more than older ones. Having an ad with an eye catching image, as well as an attention grabbing headline is the key to success with ads.

Twitter is a powerful tool to grow your business. If you use it right, you can have your product or brand reach thousands of people daily. Having a strong presence on Twitter is key to being viewed as an expert in the market place, and vital to the growth of your brand online.

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