Get out of the grind and launch hamster-wheel

Which phase are you in with your business?

Phase One:

This is a phaserictalk3e where entrepreneurs are in “preparation” mode or kick-start mode.  They have not launched yet and likely spend all their time learning, investigating, and talking themselves into “implementing”.

This phase is one that can last years or decades or a lifetime.  People can spend all their time talking a good game to themselves, but never fully going all in to make it happen.

Many have ideas and want validation their ideas are good enough to succeed, but most ideas are good enough to succeed, so again, it’s an implementation problem.

To get from phase one to phase two, one must SELL something — ANYTHING — to bust out of the preparation mode and into phase two:  Selling Mode!

Most people in this phase need help.

Phase Two:

This phase is where a business is working and revenue is being generated.  At first, this is a high!  YES!  You finally made it and life is good.  Maybe you quit that day job and fired your old boss finally… or hit that milestone income goal.

You’re in business for yourself in this phase and it likely came from you selling your way into this phase.  You sold.  You hustled. You made this happen.

You overcame adversities and obstacles and set-backs to get here.  You had to believe in yourself and get rid of the entitlement disease.  (this is a disease where we blame others and look for excuses to justify our failures.  It’s their fault, not ours!  That’s a recipe for failure.  Your goals are your goals, nobody else’s.  It’s up to you to succeed)

Phase two is where a lot of business people get stuck for years as well.  With online marketers, they get stuck here with launches and cheap products.  They get stuck on the hamster wheel and cannot get off.

They experience burn-out and become miserable because they are grinding hard and always behind on cashflow.  They have to launch to pay for the affiliates from last launch and also hope to do enough to pay their bills at the same time which have now become late!

Money stress kicks in.

You’re tired of what you’ve been doing.  You’re burned out, miserable, tired, frustrated and sick and tired of the launch game.  You’re working harder than ever, for less money.

It’s scary and fears kick in. You lose sleep at night.  The thought of having to go back to the ball and chain kick in and you fear having to go get another job and give up again on your dreams.

For many, this is a tough road and they cannot seem to crack the code of getting out of this mess.  It’s a weekly grind of a game.

I’ve had lots of clients who were at 8k, 16k, 22k per month and just could not reach that 50k or 100k per month level no matter how hard they worked or tried.  For example, the launch game (or whatever they currently do to earn revenue) has become limited, saturated and hard to even survive, much less thrive!

I had TWO different guys recently tell me they got over 3,000 new subscribers but could only get 100 to 300 clicks from those NEW subscribers.  That’s a disastrous business model then.

I merely said, “Imagine if you had 3,000 dentists or 3,000 attorneys on a list”… you would get 2,000+ clicks from one email.  It’s a much different game of business than what they are playing.

In other words, these two guys were chasing the WRONG market and delivering old, stale, beaten up methods to that market.  The market speaks loudly and the market is saying, “We Don’t Want This.”

So, what are you to do in phase two misery where you’re currently making decent money, but cannot make it to the “explosive income” phase (phase three!)?

How do you crack that code?

Well, after over a decade of coaching people in this phase, there are a few ways I believe one can crack that code and go from say… $12,000 per month to say… $75,000 per month quickly.

Here they are:

1.    Change your “who” you market to.

If you are used to marketing to an audience of people who expect cheap sizzle offers that cost $7 or so, then change the “who”.  Change your market audience.  Change the demographic.

For example, if you have 10,000 subscribers and they are all “work from home” seekers (consumers)… try changing your market to “digital marketers” or “small business owners” (like dentists or whatnot).

Just changing or transforming WHO you target can change your entire world fast!  But, you’ve got to do it right!  You cannot usually just flip a switch and be done with what you are currently doing and the next day be doing something else.

Usually there has to be a transition.  Treat what you currently do as your day job while you transition into a better “market”.  Soon, you’ll be able to quit this old day job and get a new RAVING market and new lease on life as you change your “who” you market to.

2.    Next, you can change WHAT you market to people.

Many are used to selling and marketing the same old things to the same old people.  I have clients who have been selling cheap $7 offers for years and are sick of it.

We tweak some things, and now they are selling $997 programs or $5,000 programs, and all of a sudden they are making $75,000 per month instead of $7,000.

High ticket offers, done for you offers, workshops, masterminds, coaching, consulting, services… any ONE of those can transform income from only $7,000 per month… to 50k, 75k, 100k+++

Change WHAT you are marketing to people.

3.    Next, you can change HOW you market to people

Again, many of my clients, over the years, marketed to people through launches, where affiliates all promote some buzz and sizzle product at the same time.  It’s where my client could get 3,000 people to opt in and maybe 1-2,000 buy a cheap product, but the profits are low and those leads unsubscribe like crazy!

It’s a TON of work for not much money IMO.  And it’s not a sustainable business for long.  It will either burn you out, or put you in the hospital from stress!

Either way, many slave away at it for years. It’s all they know.  They need help to bust out.

I’ve often helped people bust out of these ruts by helping them change HOW they market.  Instead of the launches, how about mastering advertising!  Instead of cheap products on cheap launches, how about rolling webinar promotions with one affiliate at a time (one big shot affiliate at a time).

Let’s get you more visible and attracting the higher end customers instead of the bottom feeding “flea market” customers who refund $7 products and attack you at the drop of a hat.

Let’s change HOW you market and sell your customers.

4.    Next, let’s change YOU

Let’s face it, if you want more, you’ve got to become more.  You’ve got to change YOU if you want to go from 8k per month to 80k+++ per month.  The 8k per month person is not the same person at 80k+++ per month.

Most have limiting self-beliefs and preconceived notions that are wrong.  Changing that is changing them.

For example, many think they need to have a guru big name in order to be WORTHY of charging high prices and that’s not true.  It’s a preconceived notion and it’s wrong.  Customers don’t care about your big name they care about themselves.

They care about solving THEIR problem.

If you want to go from 8k per month to 80k+++ or make leaps to higher income levels, then we’ve got to transform YOU!

This is what I’ve coached people to do for years now (a decade!).  I help them transform themselves and their businesses through coaching them on how to do it.  It works!

I’ve had so many people reach 2X, 5X and even 10X their incomes for years now.  I do it by assessing where they currently are, what their low hanging fruit is and helping them SELL BABY SELL!

It’s all about revenue and I help them sell more, quicker and with less work!

If you are currently earning revenue online but stuck in the grind, and you want help busting out of phase two to get to explosive revenue (with less work!) then this is what I specialize in!

I help successful people like you earn way more while working way less!

If you’d like to get more details about my coaching programs, simply reach out to me here:

1on1 coaching with Eric

And listen, there’s a better way.  You know it and I know it.  We all have our limiting self-beliefs and preconceived notions.  However, you know you can produce much more revenue while working way less!

You know that next level (or phase) is within reach and all you have to do is tweak a few things and you’ll crack that code finally.  You can surely do it, we both know that!  Just go for it, take the leaps of faith!


Eric Louviere