How Can Introverts Succeed?

One of the most common questions I get from online business owners is “how can introverts succeed”?

What they are really saying is they are shy and not “public” people.  They are intimidated by being “famous” or a “guru”… and that being public, or the “FACE” of the business, is really not their thing.  So, they worry about that.

With a lot of my teachings, I teach that the highest form of conversions is “Celebrity” or that “it” factor where people are fascinated by you.  I’m not talking about being world famous like an A-List actor, I’m talking about that “celebrity-factor” in your market where people (fans) admire you and follow you.

That celebrity appeal is the highest form of conversions there is.  Customers will throw money at you, easily, if you have that going for you.  If you have “celebrity appeal” or “branding” like that, making money is a breeze.

In fact, you don’t even have to have mind blowing stuff either!

As a celebrity, your content can be general and choppy… but if you have that “appeal” and people are fascinated by you, they will rave about you and your cheesy content. 

I teach this.  It’s a great way to make easy cash because people buy from those they know, like and trust and want to give money to!  People “buy reputation”!

So — what about introverts though?

This is where many introverts find someone else to follow not named “me” because they don’t like it when I teach like that about that topic.  They feel bad about themselves as if this is something they cannot do, left out again!

Not true.

One of the most successful introverts I know earns millions online (millions monthly that is)… and he’s not the face, not the guru, not the brand, not the public figure and certainly not the celebrity.

He’s the “conductor!”

He’s the guy who directs, organizes, choreographs, delegates, manages, conducts, runs, implements and executes all the “stuff” that needs to get done. He focuses on running his team(s) and his people who do all the tasks for him.

He’s not the guy who shoots videos for his products or sales letters. He’s not the guy who writes copy or does the technical.  He’s not the guy who puts his shiny face out there on ads or banners, etc.  He’s not the guy who does webinars.  He’s not the sales guy either.


He orchestrates!

He spends his time working ON his business… directing HIS people… managing HIS business, as the INTROVERTED CONDUCTOR!

Nice huh?

Music to the introverts ears…

“You mean I don’t have to do webinars Eric?”

You heard that right.

Just find someone else to be the face… the character… the guru… the celebrity.

Listen, the next highest level of conversions is “Authority”.  If you cannot be a celebrity in your market, or cannot find one to be that person for your business, then realize the next level is “authority”.

For example, another buddy of mine got tired of being the guru in the Internet Marketing industry.  So, he got out.  He no longer wanted all the haters this market comes loaded with.  I mean, when you are talking about money, people become haters quite easily, so I totally understand his wanting to escape the market.

He found an expert (authority) who was a psychologist who specialized in relationships.  He found a therapist who handled relationships full time and partnered up with the “expert”.  My friend, the marketer, is NOT an expert at relationships and not a therapist.

Yet, he capitalized on someone else’s expertise.  Nice…!

And listen, that’s easy to do.  VERY easy to do.

Many of those experts or authorities are miserable doing what they do.  They see clients all day everyday and they battle to find new clients.  They are often stressed the heck out and can only WISH they had a business that made them money while they sleep (like digital information products online do!)

They have no idea how to do it either.  They have no clue how to do the steps to make this online business work.

You can easily partner up with them and get them to do the content, be the face, be the brand, and just teach what they know.  You do the marketing (or you be the conductor and run your team).

This is a way to set up an “automated” business where you make money not really doing much more than managing (conducting) your team.  The therapist (or authority) does the content.

Or, you can PAY the authority to do the content.  For example, you could find a ripped-up, superstar fitness instructor and turn that person into your FACE of your business and pay that person to shoot videos and such.

You just pay once for the content and you keep all the money from the content.

You could pay that person $500 and never give a percentage of your business to anyone, ever.

Either way, as an introvert, you can be the conductor and make all these things happen ANYWAY!  You do not have to be some star or celebrity or even an authority yourself!

It’s up to you!

But, realize, there’s always a way!  There is no excuse or barrier out there that will prevent you from succeeding online.  Any barrier is only in your mind.  There is no barrier.

You’ve got this!

Go Get It!

Eric Louviere