How to make a million dollars online

Imagine if YOU earned a million dollars online in a year.  Would you even think that is possible, or do you believe that is way far beyond what is possible for you?  Heck, maybe you are thinking to yourself how you’d simply just like to earn a few thousand dollars per month, much less 100 grand per month!

Well listen, many of the same “action steps” you’d have to take to earn say… $6,000 per month are extremely similar to what it takes to earn 100k per month.  IN FACT, in some regards, it can take a lot less effort and time to earn 100k as it does to earn 6k per month… and yes I’m serious.

For example, I’ve launched basic offers to my list and the market that took a ton of my time to create, set-up, edit, tweak, get promoters, set up contests, write the sales-copy, set up customer service and about 1,000 other things, to earn say… $22,000.  A ton of work was put into that.

Yet other times, I sent a simple email to my list or generated high-productive leads to a sales funnel that offered high-ticket programs ($1,000 to $5,000 for example) and made much more doing MUCH-MUCH less.

I’ve had 100k weeks that were easier than 1k weeks online.

I know it sounds like I’m making it sound easy and that’s not my directive.  I want you to understand that the same amount of work or effort or time or energy or brain-power is needed to earn 1 million as it is to earn 100k per year.

In fact, I’ve seen plenty of marketers sell stuff for $20 that they could easily tweak and sell for $2,000 instead!!  Yes, I’m serious.

I guess it comes down to experience or courage or worthiness to have the boldness to offer higher ticket priced offers, or shoot for such a higher income level.  It takes understanding it’s real.

I can say that most people who have never invested $5,000 themselves for anything, would be 100 times LESS likely to sell or offer something for that price level.  However, if you yourself have spent 10k with me on my coaching program, you are 100x more likely to turn around and sell your own 10k program or course or service yourself.  See how that works?

So, what do you need to reach ONE MILLION PER YEAR ONLINE??  Well, in my 10 year experience, here are the things I believe you need to reach this level, or higher:


Most marketers are afraid to offer expensive offers, like done for you services, or consulting, or high ticket courses, masterminds, workshops, etc.  They do not believe they are worth those high prices.  Or, they do not believe the market will pay THEM that much for their stuff.  Or, they think it’s easier to sell cheap stuff than expensive stuff.

But listen, it takes selling a ton of units to reach 1 million per year.  If you were selling something for $7 because you think many more would buy that, you’d have to sell142,000+ units to reach a million dollars.  NOW THAT IS HARD!!!

But, on the other hand, if you sold something for $5,000, you’d need only: 200 CUSTOMERS!  If you sold something for $20,000 (yes it’s realistic) then you’d only need 50 customers.  JUST FIFTY!

What seems harder, getting 50 people to pay you 20k or 142,000+ paying you $7??  Which do you think would be more headaches?  More frustration?  More trouble?

Which would be more respectful of your time, energy and you?  Who would be more positive?  Who would be more likely to take action on your “content or instructions”?

For a lot of marketers online and small businesses, all they need to do is incorporate high-ticket offers into their arsenal and dedicate to making it work.  You’ll never look back, but you have to dial-in that offer.  Creating a “tremendous offer” becomes paramount with high ticket offers.


Next, you could reach one million per year with a membership program (continuity offers) where customers are charged monthly.  A membership program can compound for you, where one month you have 500 customers and the next month you add 300 more and now have 800, then you add 400 more and have 1200 and so on.  I’ve earned millions in gross revenue through continuity programs over the years.

I still think it’s easier to reach it with high ticket offers than membership programs, but membership programs are second best IMO… especially if used in conjunction with a dialed-in SALES FUNNEL!

Ideally, I’d love to see all my clients have:

  • Free products
  • Front end offers (usually cheaper offers used to get leads and build a list and audience, to get people to know, like and trust you)
  • Up-sell offers (one time offers, etc)
  • Continuity offers (membership offers that can easily be up-sell offers and bonuses, trial offers, etc)
  • High Ticket Offers (expensive is the key here)

But if you had to pick only one from above, it would be high ticket offers.  In fact, that’s all you need.  I’ll tell you, I’ve made a ton of money without even having a sales page or website, simply from selling high ticket offers and programs.  You could skip right to the top of the food chain if you followed this route.

Of course it takes confidence, which is in short supply these days, but just about anyone can laser-focus in on ONE problem to solve for people and get real good at it real fast… and then provide high-ticket solutions to that ONE problem.  (read that again)

For example, if you got real good at helping people lose 40 pounds and keep it off, then real fast you could charge 2k or 5k to people and get people to pay it.  People want to solve that problem and a percentage of these people will pay damn near anything to solve it.  If you have a really good “offer” that solves that problem for people, and you charge a premium for that “solution”, you can earn one million dollars within a year and I’m not even joking or blowing smoke in your eyes.

The challenge is “courage” or confidence and both are in short supply.  The challenge is focus and that’s in short supply.  The challenge is self belief and that’s in short supply these days.  The challenge is persistence and that is in short supply.  The challenge is taking action and being a mover and shaker, and you guessed it, short supply!

However, those are all the same things that’s needed to sell $7 products and earn $4,000 per month… much less $400,000 per month.  It’s the same effort really… and we all only have 24 hours in a day.  You only have 24 hours just like me.  I only have 24 hours just like Donald Trump has.  Effort is effort and time is time and action is action… I might be selling 10k programs and Donald might be selling 100 million dollar condominiums and hotel resorts.  Just more zeros.  Just a bigger game.

Bottom line is you can do it.  I’m serious.  You could make one million per year.  It just takes confidence and sticking to it and focus, just like anything does.  You just have to go for it.  Good luck.

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