I tried to push one of my clients to do an interview with me . . . just as practice . . . to see if maybe doing his own podcast, or creating his own products, or doing audios/videos would be something he

could enjoy.

I felt he was a little reluctant, but maybe not.  I usually expect most people to be reluctant to do “speaking” type things because I was quite reluctant to do anything like that early in my career.

Before the call, we talked about what we would do on the call.  I explained to him I’d kick it off and then he could just ask the question, which was “Eric, what’s the first step for getting _____(blank)?”

He had a rush of questions for me and I felt he was a little nervous, but maybe not.

So, I hit the record button on the webinar and started talking…


“Hey guys!  Welcome to the call, this is Eric Louviere and I’m here with my buddy ______.  We are so glad you are here today listening to us and we’re about to drop a lot of million-dollar wisdom on you.”

I went on with the introduction and then kicked it over to my client to talk.

“… at this time I’ll kick it over to my friend ______(his name) to ask the first question on the docket”

What came next shocked my socks right off my feet.

My client went off, naturally, easily, flowing like he’s done this a million times more than I have.  I was like, “wow, look at him go!  He’s got this down like a champ!”

Frankly, most people are not that damn good that damn fast.  I’ve been on podcasts and have been interviewed a ton of times and about half of them are not as good as he is and they’ve all done a ton of interviews.

So — as we progressed through the session, covering insights and tips, I would talk and teach… then he’d take what I said (taught) and elaborate more on what I said, and gave his own “quick witted” advice too!  He was teaching away and I know if I would have just shut up, he would have taught the entire class/session like a champion!

Now, I had explained to him that right at 5:30pm I had to run out of my office door and go pick up my son for his baseball game, so the interview would end abruptly and I’d be gone (he gone).

So, right at 5:26pm, I ended the call and told the soon-to-be-listeners, “alright this has been a great first session, we’ll see you on the next session”… then hit the “stop recording button” and then said to my client:

“DUUUUUUUUdddddddeeeeeeee…. what the heck man…. that was TREMENDOUS my man… wow, you are a natural at this.”

He was glowing and said it was a blast and a lot of fun and I could tell he was someone who had just…




It’ over now.  him making big money now… done!

Him getting a presence online… done!

Him becoming an expert… done! (sh## he’s already an expert just nobody knows it but me!)

He broke the chain man.

He’s been a chained-up, enslaved, fire-breathing DRAGON who just broke the chains and is flying around the sky burning enemies to the ground!

It’s amazing . . . it’s inspiring . . . it’s empowering . . . it’s just flat phenomenal when someone unchains themselves and let’s themselves fly!  It’s life-changing and for me, it’s:

“Everything that happened before that moment, and everything that happened after that moment”. It’s a moment he will be able to “date back” and remember when it all changed.  A MOMENT in time when SNAP, the chains came undone and were broken forever.

Just Fly, Baby!

Then, this morning another new client tells me he made his first deal.

Eric Louviere Coaching


Another one who is breaking the chains and flying and burning #### down!

If all I do is push people to break those internal-chains, I’d be happy in business, because that’s often all it takes for most “sleeping dragons!”

So many people hold themselves back and miss out on what they truly CAN BE!  They miss out on their calling, or their mission because of fears and limiting self beliefs.  I do it too, we all do it.  What are you holding yourself back on?

And last week, I got this little nugget from a long time client and friend of mine:

Eric Louviere Coaching

Sometimes all you need is a little nudge or push in the right direction from someone who has been there and done that to UNCHAIN YOUR FURY!

Just Sell, Baby!

~Eric Louviere