I’m CALLING You Out!



I’m writing this post very carefully so it will
be one of the most lucrative posts you’ve ever
read. Seriously.

I might upset a bunch of people here, but
hopefully not. That’s not my intention. My
intention in this email is to TRANSFORM you into a
huge success. Therefore, do not discount-off this
email and scan through it or file it away,
actually take it slow and read every word. Deal?

Let’s begin

You are reading this because you are an ambitious
person. You are not like everyone else. You want
more than just some average life, with an average
day-job-career, and an average 2 weeks of vacation
per year, and average things, average house and
average cars, etc.

You know there is MORE to life and you realize
life is too-damn-short to waste away in some
cubicle or glass office working for the man. You
feel hasty at times, frustrated at times, eager at
times, stressed-out at times and just restless
inside your soul!

You came across the idea of making tons of coin
online at some point and you’ve been kicking
around in this game for a little while now.
You’ve tried different things here and there, but
most likely you’ve spent most of your time buying
different “opportunities” and “ideas”.

Each time you buy one of these opportunities in a
box or book, you get a little excited inside, even
if it’s minor excitement (kind of like right
before a movie starts). Then, once inside this
new “opportunity in a box” the excitement goes
away and most of the time you never even finish
the book, or audios, or videos at all.

I call this a “quick hit of hope”. It’s like
buying a lottery ticket.


The next thing you know, it’s been a year and no

That year turns into 5 years and for all that time
you spent sitting on your butt in front of a
computer, reading and learning and chasing
opportunities, you’ve got very little (if
anything) to show for all that wasted time and
energy (and money).


You see others making big coin. You even see
teenagers and idiots and morons and scumbags
earning big coin. You see gurus giving away
awesome content left and right and you see amazing
(irresistible) opportunities pop up time and time
again, just when you were about to quit this
entire thing for good!

So, you keep at it a little longer but less
serious now.

It starts to become more of a hobby, or even
entertainment. The actual BURNING, INFERNO DESIRE
a mere flicker of a candle. But, you’re still
there… still on everyone’s email lists…

Still watching videos and attending webinars…

Still getting caught up in launches and the razzle
dazzle from the gurus.

Still a sucker for “hits of hope”.

Still after every shiny object that jumps out in
front of you.

Still shifting gears from one way of making coin
to the next way of making coin.

[Still here reading this, it gets better in a

Still trying to work on 3, 4, 5, 10 different ways
of making coin at the same time (a balancing act)

Still quietly beating yourself up for not being
able to actually make this work at all.

Asking yourself quietly “am I just a failure?”


Someone like me comes along and is the one to ask
you the hard questions, questions like the

[Answer to yourself if you are brave enough to]

1. How long have you been at this?

2. Do you even have a niche market picked out
after all this time? (90% reading this right now,
do not!)

3. Do you even have a simple, average, ordinary,
little, squeeze page set up and functional (90% do

4. I’m not even going to ask if you have your own
product. (97% do not)

5. Traffic? (forget about it)

6. Copywriting or conversions focus (now that’s

7. Split testing, managing your list, being
visible, high ticket offers (dude.)


— Learning?

— Buying?

— Chasing?

— Watching guru videos?

— Social media reading?

— Listening?

— Tinkering?

— Dabbling?


— Implementing

— Tweaking

— Taking Action

— Adjusting

— Asking

— Solving

— Creating

— Recording

— Activity


What do you think they are doing differently than
you are? Do you think they are dabbling? How
serious are they compared to YOU? Do they just
have a mere flicker of a candle flame or a burning
inferno desire to succeed at all costs? Are they
more serious then you?

Are they treating this like a hobby or some side
entertainment thing that is replacing TV watching,
or are they super dedicated and treating this
entire thing like a REAL BUSINESS??

Are they jaded and frustrated and blaming
everyone, playing poor me and talking about how
poor they are and how life sucks and how they have
no money, or are they focused on solving that
problem and busting their asses to get OUT of the

Are they looking around at everyone they can find
and saying “Save me, help me, fix me, do it for
me, give it to me, take care of me?” with an
entitlement attitude?

The people making money are DOING THINGS. They
are taking action.

People who fail = dabble and coast along in
reactive mode

People who succeed = implementers



98% of the people who fail need to FIX THEMSELVES
FIRST. They are failing because of their mindsets
of lack, entitlement, habits, addictions, poverty
mindsets, lottery mindsets, fears, mental health,
and they are all dumb, sick and tired.

That’s a choice.

That’s not an economic situation, that’s a mindset

If you have the world’s crappiest attitude and you
have a poverty mindset, nobody can change that but

If you are jaded and think all the gurus are
ripping you off, nobody will change that. Stop
buying their stuff then and go get to work! Go
get a job! Start a carpet cleaning company or buy
vending machines or get out of the market then
because you’re taking up valuable space in our
community with your jaded mindset.

Oh, do I have your attention?

Still want to blame me? gurus? the democrats?
the tea party? your parents? your boss? your
Your education? Your health? Your habits? Your
kids? Your language? Your country? The economy?

If you are on a mission with a burning inferno
desire to succeed at all costs, then NONE OF THAT
CRAP MATTERS because you’re going to implement
DESPITE: gurus, the economy, parents, wives,
husbands, socialism, habits and even your health!

Nobody will get in your way.


After 10 years of coaching people I figured out
that it’s not the strategies or methods or systems
people truly need to succeed online, it’s they
need to fix themselves.

Most business problems are actually personal
problems in disguise.

After 10 years of asking myself why people dont
take even the simplest actions, I realized part of
the battle is they have fears, habits and their
confidence is next to nothing. I realized that by
changing the way my clients viewed this business,
everything they saw changed as well.

For example, one of my clients is in the health
niche and he was trucking along quite well
implementing and getting things done…


He comes to me one day with “that look”.

I know this look well.

It’s that look of “I’m not so sure this is going
to work and maybe I should do something


Second guessing yourself and losing confidence and
losing FAITH and wanting to go chase a new shiny
object that is sexier and more attractive then
what you are currently working on.

I always have to put on my, “Captain Confidence”
cap and turn that frown upside down and get him
back to the business at hand. I have to reinstall
“faith” and “confidence” and “implementation” all
over again.

I mean, he’s 3 feet from gold and now he wants to
throw it all away.

So, he says, “Eric, I’m not so sure people will
buy this weight loss offer”

And I say, “Yeah, people dont really buy weight
loss stuff anymore. Everyone is thin and there’s
no desire to lose weight by the billions of people
on the planet. AND, I dont have a former employee
who now does over a million dollars per month in
that same niche… AND, I myself have not earned
six figures in that niche myself… and people are
not fat anymore.”

He laughs and then says, “Yeah, but I dont think
they’ll buy it FROM ME!”

I fix that thought and then it’s, “yeah but I have
a foreign accent”

I fix that thought and then its, “But they dont
accept PayPal” in my country

And after an hour, he’s back on track and
rejuvenated and confident to go back to


If you stick to it, it will succeed.

However, you end up getting in your way.

You second guess yourself and mess it all up.

Transform yourself into having faith!


Your state of mind will determine your action. If
you feel depressed then you’ll take depressed,
wimpy, poor me, feel sorry for yourself, type of
action (depressed action). If you feel empowered
and confident, you’ll take empowered confident

You can control your state mostly.

You can watch an inspiring video for 5 minutes,
get in a state and then start implementing (I do

You can work out, go for a walk in nature, listen
to audios, slap yourself, whatever.

But, the more inspired and confident action you
take, the more you’ll succeed.

I actually have an old friend who credited his
success that year to energy drinks. He gave them
out at my seminar.


One of the best ways to transform yourself is to
get around people who are already transformed!

This is scientifically proven.

Get around someone who is confident and you’ll
become more confident in this business.

Get around someone who makes six or seven figures
and you’ll end up doing the same.

Get around a mastermind of winners, and you’ll
become a winner.

I’ve never met anyone who has become rich from
some eBook. But, I know tons of people who credit
mentors and masterminds and PEOPLE for their


All you need to make six figures (or even a
million) is:

— A sales funnel

— Traffic

— Conversions (tweaking & testing & tracking!)

— AND the right mindset & attitude!


Start focusing on activity and implementation
instead of reading, learning and watching.

Spend 80% of your time implementing (at least)

Stop chasing and start implementing.


— getting your lead capture system better and

— getting your TRAFFIC better and better (I’d
love you to focus 80% on just this and the next

— getting your conversions better and better
(goes hand and hand with traffic)

— getting visible (being out there in the market
and in front of your market more and more)

— Providing value (free or for sale, does not
matter which)

— Solving problems (same as providing value)

— building relationships (mindset and real
solutions found here)

— increasing your confidence in yourself! (love
yourself more each day!)

— setting up systems

— people (hiring, firing, training, stats, etc)

— Did I mention traffic and conversions?

Only spend 10% (if that) on learning!


It is HIGHLY likely you know a lot of what is
needed to earn money. The problem is you do not
do those things.

If you once made a lot of money and now dont, it’s
likely because you stopped doing all those things
that made you money. Maybe you feel above those
tasks now.

Focus on activity.


Throw yourself out there!

Be everywhere.

Get more aggressive!

Make this happen!

Even kids are doing it, you certainly can too!

And lastly…


(dont have a wimpy, poor me, dabbling, hobby
desire to succeed.)

It’s got to BURN inside your soul to succeed!

Now Get After It!

Eric Louviere
Million Dollar Marketer

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2 Comments to “ I’m CALLING You Out!”

  1. LarryW says :

    Yes, yes, that’s right, yes, ah- right, right on, yes. How you know me personally so well! Right, and right again, and again. Yes, like you said … gee I got to go do something.

  2. Rod Cortez says :

    A resounding amen! Solid article Eric. You’ve just laid out an outline that anyone, with enough ambition and fortitude, can follow.