Jason Moffatt is what now?

Recently, Internet marketer and road-trip professional, Jason Moffatt showed up in Austin, TX for a meet and greet mixer downtown.  There were 30 or so folks hanging out to meet with each other and listen to JMO speak from stage.

We had a lot of fun as you can imagine, and JMO expressed how he had always wanted to visit Austin.  In this town, we have lots of marketers, real estate investors, mlm’ers etc.  I try to get downtown for those mixers whenever I can.

I’ve always liked Jason, as do most people, and I think he’s someone to follow.  Here’s a link to his blog:


The thing I dig the most about JMO is he is “REAL” as they come.  He’s just himself and has nothing to hide.  He has a lot of character and I like people who have lots of character.  He lets his subscribers and customers “know” him, which I think is extremely important.

I mean, online is becoming more and more transparent, and the connections between people are becoming closer online.  In the past, everyone hid behind some fake screen name.  Today, people want to know who you are and what you stand for, and what your true personality is like.

We all gravitate towards like minded people.  We like hanging-out, following, and buying from those we think are like us, or those we admire.  It’s hard to admire someone you don’t know — personality wise.

However, most marketers online… especially newbies or intermediate marketers continue to keep their personalities secretive or hidden to their subscribers and customers.  I think that’s a big mistake.  Jason talked about it on stage too.  He’s right.

Videos, audios, events, webinars, tele-seminars, etc do a HUGE benefit to you, if you can conduct those.  I mean, dont be afraid of doing videos, interviews, tele-calls, etc because it can let your subscribers and the marketplace get to know you better.  They want to get to know you better.

Some can pull it off with talented writing.  What I’m saying here is some folks are talented at writing in such a manner, their personality shines through.  That can certainly work too, but I think it’s hard to compete with video & audios.

If your subscribers and customers can see and hear you, you just separated yourself from most of your competition who hides behind screen names and simple text emails (or even blogs).  I think JMO and a few others in our industry certainly have this down.  They let people know the real them, and it certainly increases reception of them.  Additionally, it can explode conversions too!

Lastly, JMO can be a bit controversial at times and who knows what kind of trouble the dude has been in (or will get in), but regardless of all that, he’s certainly entertaining… has solid insights to share… and people really like entertainment mixed with solid advice.

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