Job Opening: Personal Assistant

Hey there, Eric Louviere here…

I am currently searching for a dedicated and detail-oriented, personal assistant to help with various tasks for my business (and life).  Duties will include (but not limited to):

  • Running and organizing and delegating my emails and inbox
  • Helping manage and onboard VIP clients
  • Helping them get contracts and agreements signed
  • Scheduling them, rescheduling, following up with appointments
  • Organizing, structuring and working personally with me to improve the structure of our operations
  • Podcast editing, uploading, etc (will train)
  • YouTube uploading, etc. (will train)
  • Article posting, etc. (will train)
  • Social Media help (will train)
  • Customer service (providing them with logins, adding members to members area, etc) and will train
  • Various personal tasks (scheduling, flights, appointments, etc)
  • And more

I’m looking for strengths in administration, detail oriented, organizing, structuring, project management type strengths, good communication, thorough, loyal, trustworthy, transparent, motivated, positive and resourceful

No need being a technical wizard, or knowing HTML or web design needed

No need selling or closing people

Work from home

Part Time Available to start and flexible work hours

If this is for you, please contact us by submitting a help desk ticket HERE

Many Blessings!

Eric Louviere