Make Millions Online! (An Aspen Adventure)

We recently took a Eric Louviere’s family vacation to Aspen, Colorado for almost two weeks.  Initially, it was one week, but we loved Aspen so much we extended the fun.  I’d have to say that Aspen is one of my favorite places in America.  It’s so beautiful there, it’s almost unbelieveable.

Eric Louviere

Eric Louviere

Well…. if you like moutanins, rivers, wildlife, excellent food, cool people, shopping, etc etc then Aspen is tremendous.  We spent our time dining at fine restaurants, shopping and snowboarding in Snow Mass (about 10 minutes from Aspen).

I’m not as in shape as I used to be, but I still managed to zip down the blue runs and avoid breaking any bones.  My wife was a beginner, but I have to admit, she picked it up quicker than I ever did.

As far as celebrities, everyone said they were everywhere to be seen, but I did not see anyone recognizable.  Well, I thought I saw a couple celebrities, but my wife told me I was “wrong”.  That happens from time to time you know…

While in Aspen, we decided to look up a professional photographer to snap some family pictures.  Boy was that ever a great idea!  We were as lucky as could be too.  We landed a super cool guy who was nothing short of spectacular.

If you are ever in the Aspen area, be sure and get in contact with Jim Paussa and get him to do his magic.  We had a blast taking pictures and Jim and his assistant were very nice and extremely good with my son Julian.  The pictures were fantastic and the experience was tremendous!

(Thanks Jim!)

Also, while in Aspen, you’ll quickly realize just how much money people make out there.  I mean, it’s one thing to bring in a million dollars, but it’s quite another thing to see the money in Aspen.  There are houses there that reach into the twenty million dollar range (and plenty of them!)

I checked out the Real Estate market and it just blew me away how expensive it is there.  We took pictures in a townhouse that was priced at 6 million.  The shops downtown had furs and art, paintings and clothes that were so expensive, I began feeling an uncontrollable sense of “I-Need-To-Make-Even-More-Money!”

There are always different levels of income to strive for!

But, I think the real insight here is just the fact YOU are striving for more money period.  I mean, if you think about it, most of the population of the world simply reacts to their financial lives and very-very few ever *strive* for higher levels of income.

I call it a “wealth mindset”.  Most out there do not even know a “wealth mindset” exists at all.  They have no idea it even exists.  Wealth mindset??  What’s that?  Who cares?  Whatever??

Eric Louviere

Eric Louviere Son

Well, the truth is those who possess a “wealth mindset” are the ones who shall achieve wealth, while the rest of the population will continue blaming, blaming and blaming everyone and everything else, but themselves.  Those people will never put the responsibility (and blame) on their own shoulders.  It’s easy to blame others or blame situations and circumbstances… than it is to blame yourself.

That’s why most out there continue thinking it’s the worlds’ fault, and not their own.  Because you see, you are exactly where you are right now because of you… nobody else.  Nobody out there will EVER care about your financial (or otherwise) life, more than you will.  It’s up to you.  There will be nobody flying in to save the day.  It’s always going to be up to you.  It’s your responsibility, ultimately.

So, how do you get the “wealth mindset”?

Well, you have to stay committed to it forever.  You have to become practically addicted to it, in my opinion.  Over time, you’ll adopt a “wealth mindset”.  It’ll become second nature to you.  You always think about wealth and you’ll forever shape your mind (all those nurons and connections in your brain) to think WEALTH.

It’s no different online either.  To make millions online, you’ll have to adopt the right (wealth) mindset.  It’s 95% more important than anything else.  Show me someone who is failing online and I’ll show you that their mindset is not right for wealth accumulation.  Heck, show me ANYONE who is consistently struggling financially, and I’ll show you someone who does not have the “wealth mindset” yet.

I was not born with that mindset.  I did not graduate from school with it.  I did not gain it with the experience from (day) jobs.  I did not gain it from simply reading books or listening to audios either.  I believe I gained it from…. failing.

That’s right, from failing.

In my opinion, I do like to think, I have the wealth mindset now.  It came from generating the courage to take action (keyword = courage).  That action gave me the privilege to fail here and there.  That failure gave me the mindset to take further (corrected) action.

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Then came success…

Eric Louviere

Eric Louviere

Let me ask you a simple philosophical question…

If you walked into a gymnastic studio, where these little ballerina-looking people were flying all around the building and doing multiple back flips across the floor, could you walk in the building and instantly start doing flip-flops (I looked it up) across the mat?

I know I can barely reach down and touch my toes without pulling a muscle, or hacking up a lung.

Most people would not be able to do it with out gymnastic training, maybe even for years.  I mean, stand up right now and do a quick back-flip for me please.  I’m sure you could not do it.  I’m sure you would not even try it.  Unless — you KNOW you can do it… right?

If you know (without a doubt) you can quickly stand up and flip yourself over backwards onto your feet, you’d do it without much hesitation.  Well, the same thing is required for wealth.  Millionaires will quickly launch a business or take action to accumulate more wealth — without much hesitation.

But, it took training.  It took time to get there.  It took training, failing and time to gain that “wealth mindset”.  And, that mindset is EVERYTHING!  It’s 95% of the reason those who have wealth, got it and keep it.

I cant wait to take my next vacation.  We talked about either going back to Aspen again in a couple months, or head-off to the Caribbean for some sun and sand.  In between the vacations, I figured I’d go ahead and launch some more stuff… generate some more wealth… maybe have the privilege to fail some more here and there too.

Eric Louviere

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  1. WOW Eric, that was really a fantastic read…I had to go thru it twice because it was so good…

    Keep it REAL my friend…Thanks…

    Sam England

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    What a great exampleof seo to max traffic to your site. Lol, hope your pipe dream is real! $50 says this wont post.

  3. fran daniel says :Reply

    i like your writeup. could u pls help me on how to make money online, here in Nigeria, pls.

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