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As you are aware, there are countless ways to make money online.  I mean, it seems every single day there’s some new method to follow to earn money from home.  Business opportunities are abundantly available… err pitched to us all over Internet-land.  Our email in-boxes are bombarded with every opportunity under the sun.  There is certainly no shortage of opportunities & possibilities, right?

My question is… if there are so many opportunities, why are there so many people out there still struggling to make any money at all?

Well, there is a learning curve to most methods/avenues to earning money and there is surely that thing we call “mindset” that gets in the way as well.  It’s true, mindset does get in the way for most out there looking to earn money.

BUT – I’d say besides mindset, most people are continuing to fail because they still don’t have a solid system yet.  I mean, they are still yet to fully master any one specific system for earning money.  You see, with the abundance of opportunities, it becomes easy to get caught up in the “jump-from-one-thing-to-the-next” cycle.

What this does, is it ensures that most people will continue to fail.  They will fail because they never get any good at any one specific thing.  Make sense?

Listen — in my mind I break it down to TWO ways to earn money online, and two ways only.  One way is what we call passive income and the other way is called “trade time for money”. There’s nothing wrong with either avenues, but I’d say most out there are “sold” on creating passive income.

WARNING: Even passive income tends to require ongoing effort.  I know, I know, we all want to be rich and lazy, free and beautiful, but the fact of the matter is, everything pretty much requires — work.  Ouch!  I said the four letter word right here on this family friendly blog.  Oh well.  Work, work, work.  Damn, it even hurts to type that word.

Anyway, back to reality here… the pipe dream of passive income is a beautiful thing.  And, it’s a real thing too.  I mean, I’ve made money on a passive level where I did nothing to earn that money for months and months.  I mean, I never lifted a finger for months or even touched the business for months, but money continued to come in to my bank account.  So, it is real.

And, a lot of people out there are very-very passionate about figuring out the puzzle that equals = passive income!  yah!

Trading time for money would be doing some service for people, like copywriting or graphic art, or programming, or… the list is endless.  The cool thing about offering services like this is there’s a HUGE fricken demand for those services.  And, while most out there are jumping around from one “major breakthrough system to earning money online” to the next “pie in the sky offer now hitting your inbox”, you could indeed build yourself a nice-fat-income from the comfort of your own home, doing what I call “brokering!”… or actually providing those types of services.

Yes, you’re not going to catch others out there teaching that or talking about brokering, because they are busy selling you what you wan to hear — passive income with the click of a button.  BTW, that stuff sells like hotcakes!

I actually do teach this stuff in great detail in my 5 Star Silver Club.  So, I guess people do infact want to simply quit jobs, earn extra income from home, make money fast and make money online from home doing anything it takes.

All in all, I will say this… I think the best way to earn a big-time passive income (for most out there) is to first become a business owner.  Brokering is one of those ways to become a business owner very easily and without spending much money at all.  And, while the money is flooding in with your brokering business — you can be building that passive income on the side.  Eventually – like what happened with me – your passive income will eclipse your “trade time for money” income, and your dreams will have come true.

Meanwhile, do yourself a huge favor and stop jumping from one pie-in-the-sky to the next pie-in-the-sky, and start selling stuff.  After all, nobody makes any money until someone sells something to someone who buys something.  Therefore, if you’re not selling… nobody is buying… and if you’re not selling anything, and nobody is buying anything, one thing is certain…. you are not making any money.  Sell stuff!

Eric Louviere

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