Motivation Is Only Temporary

Being motivated is a good thing.  It can catapult you, or spark you towards achieving whatever it is you are looking to achieve.  However, I believe “motivation” is only temporary.  It’s not enough to win.  It’s not enough to be merely motivated.

Motivation is temporary and drive is forever!

It’s much better to be driven.  To be driven is to be nearly obsessed.  Scratch that, it IS being obsessed with achieving your goals.  If you are driven, then you are “pulled” to your work… instead of “pushing” yourself to do something you dont want to do.

It’s sort of like me working out currently.  I have to push myself to do that.  I am not pulled to workout at all.  My wife is pulled to excersise.  If she does not work-out, she gets edgy.  If I dont work on my business or goals, I get edgy.  It’s the same thing.  She’s as fit as can be, and me, I need a little help in that area.

But with business and goals, I am pulled in that area… and have a purpose.  If you have a purpose, then you are more likely going to continue to do the things necessary to achieve your goals… and win!  That purpose I’m talking about tends to come in the form of two main areas…

Inspiration (which is like motivation for most) and desperation (which is like, I hate my job and I have got to get out of this).  I learned that from Tony Robbins.  The man is right.  I see it day after day with clients of mine and customers.  I saw it in myself too.  My drive picked up and became an obsession when I just had to get out of my day job years ago.

I mean, that job was killing me on the inside (I was reacting in that manner, it really was not a bad job at all).  I made the job out to be something bad, and my reaction to everything at that job was bad. bad. bad.

In my little world, that job was the enemy.  Making money online from home, the freedom, was my dream and goal.  When I finally became desperate (probably because I was really sabotaging my job myself)… I became even more serious and more obsessed with my goals.  Now, that’s drive.  There’s a purpose there.

Make this business a “drive” for you.  Create a purpose, get inspired and stay committed.  It is certainly how you react that is important.  It’s your choices you make throughout your life.  If you have a habit of generating income online, it becomes addictive.  The more addictive you become to generating results, the more money you will make.

Now, some will say, “I”m fine not being obsessed with things Eric, thank you very much”.  Go right ahead.  Treat this like a side business… like a hobby… like something you do once in a while.  I play golf once in a while and you know what?  I suck at it.

Here’s what I call my Lil’ Smokies video… I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

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