I sold a $500 product to 50 people last month. Those 50 people have been nurtured all month. This month, I just closed $50,000 in new business from that 50 person list based on our conversation this past weekend. 3 full pay 10k clients and 2 - 1k/10 month clients.


Hey Eric, I wanted to let you know what a tremendous help your webinar have been to me.
I am fairly new to internet marketing and your tutorials and webinars have been my best teacher. The guidance you have given me with adwords alone has helped build the foundation of my business. Your coaching on copywriting is top of the line!

Vickie Sayce

As a member of your mentoring, all I can say is that your Training Webinars, Video's and Support are Great! People are missing out if they are not attending or learning from you.

Kim Parsley

I have learned more about marketing, persuasion, copywriting, and down right business skills from Eric Louviere than I did from 4 years of business school- and I graduated at the top of my class with a degree in marketing, of all things.

Dan Hatfield

Hey Guys, So far this month I’ve been able to do around 37k massive improvement on my previous months. In fact it's my best month ever, super stoked. How would I scale this to 100k months? Truly grateful for everything you guys have done so far


Almost at 4 Million. #JSB Eric I would totally recommend you and your coaching. You have been instrumental to my success, and paying you to be on my ass about traffic and conversions literally changed my life. The formula is simple. All you gotta do is follow it.

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