The Bug!

When it comes to earning big cash online, I’ve noticed more than a gazillion times, when individuals get that special itch (no, not that one, the one for making money) and out of nowhere, they seem like changed people.  They now, all of a sudden, have that twinkle in their eyes.  You see, all of a sudden no motivation — like a bolt of lightning — a person becomes obsessed.

Eric Louviere

It’s this bug, or virus… that bites us hard… and for a short period of time, we are one with a burning desire… a passion… an obsession, to REALLY make a big, bold, quantum change in our lives.  It’s as if something clicked, or some switch was flipped, or some light bulb went off in our brains.

Our attitude is different, our breathing is different and we hold our heads up high.  We know it’s now that time to make a difference… a change… and shoot for the stars!  I’ve seen this bug many times, and have experienced it many times myself.  We all have, haven’t we?

Call it motivation… or inspiration, whatever… it gets us going and helps us jump out of bed in the mornings (or afternoons for me).  It’s a sudden and drastic change of attitude.  Sometimes, the inspiration comes from others… or from some audio program, or even a passing sports car.  The inspiration comes in many forms and from many different types of sources.

What is this thing?  Is it MOTIVATION?

I’ve seen it a million times, haven’t you?

Well, there’s a downside to this thing we call “motivation”.  You see… It’s not all a bed of roses and “happy-happy-joy-joy” time either.  There is a downside to this common occurrence and it’s downright unfortunate as well.

Because you see, although motivation or inspiration is quite enjoyable for a short fix, it’s not the answer to riches (or success).  What I’m shooting at here is “motivation” although enjoyable for the short term, is only temporary.

And as we know, temporary sucks.

In other words, if motivation is great and “motivation” is all we need to succeed, then everyone would be successful.  Because, everyone — at some point in their lives — has been motivated.  Well, maybe not everyone, I can think of a few who may have never in the history of their lives been motivated to do a damn thing, but for the masses out there, motivation is extremely common, but temporary… sorry.

So, if motivation is temporary, and temporary success sucks, then what’s the answer to long term success?

I’d call it “DRIVE”.

Motivation is temporary, but “Drive” is forever.

And with that in mind, very-very few people on this planet are driven.  That’s why most react to everything in life — just coasting through life reacting to what life throws at them.  Life is in control, not you, if you are only and merely motivated.

Being driven is the answer.

Someone could say, “Well, long term motivation will generate success”.  Yep.  That’s called Drive. Not motivation.  And, because motivation exists… that bug… or virus… because it is prevalent everywhere, with most people, then it’s no good.  It’ fake.  It’s wishful thinking.  It’s a hope and a prayer.  It’s “Nice try, thanks for playing, game over”.  It’s temporary and temporary sucks.

So, when someone comes up to me and says, “I’m jacked-up… I’m finally ready… I’m geared and ready to conquer the world” I say, “great! go for it!”  But, truly… I wait.  I wait to see if that temporary motivation… that bug… that virus… that illusion… manifests itself into “DRIVE”.  Because without drive, it’s all just wishful thinking.  And, wishful thinking does not pay bills very well or allow for “MTWF”

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MTWF = More Time With Family

In conclusion… I’m not completely against “motivation”.  There is one instance or circumstance I believe “motivation” is quite powerful and completely empowering.  That one instance is when people who are driven, become motivated!  Now, if you want to see some big things happen, very-very fast, watch closely when a driven person becomes motivated… that’s just flat awesome to see!

It’s more like Motivation² (to the second power).  It’s motivation on steroids!  It’s freaking beautiful.

Be Driven,

Eric Louviere

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