Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Business On YouTube

YouTube is quickly becoming one of the best ways to market your online business. If you are willing to overcome any fears you have of shooting videos, then you will have the upper hand on almost 90% of the market that still does not use YouTube.

You read that right. Over 90% of online business owners are still not using YouTube. This means that the competition is still much less than say FaceBook or even Twitter. Since competition is still low on YouTube, this is the perfect time for you to really dig in and make a stand. Now is the time to jump in and become a YouTube master, because this low level of competition wont last forever.

There are many ways free ways to grow on YouTube. Below are the 10 best ways we have found to organically increase traffic on YouTube, resulting in more opt-ins, followed by an increase in sales.

  1. Upload new videos often. You want people to expect a new video from you, to have them coming back for more each week. If you are uploading 3 videos per week, do them on the same day each time, so your audience knows when to expect a new video from you. If you post every Monday, then they will always make sure to check your channel on Mondays.
  1. Post your videos everywhere. This is probably the most important way to get free traffic to your channel. Make sure you are posting links to each video you post on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you can. Include a call to action when you upload these to other platforms urging your visitors to check out your other videos as well.
  1. Keep most of your videos short. Now, this doesn’t mean to never have a long, content fueled video. What this means is to have the majority of them around 3 minutes long. According to Buffer Social, the ideal length of a YouTube video is slightly less than 3 minutes.
  1. Use relevant keywords in your title and description. You want to have targeted keywords in order to rank higher on YouTube and Google search results.
  1. Include subscribe buttons to your blog. This will drive a good portion of your audience on YouTube to your blog, where you will have the chance to introduce them to your services.
  1. Make sure you also add a YouTube widget to your website or blog. Most of your traffic goes through your blog, so make sure your audience is aware that you are on more than one platform.
  1. Promote your videos to your email subscribers. This will give you the look of being an expert, while also engaging your list by offering free content.
  1. Make sure you are promoting your channel as well as individual videos. You will notice that the rankings of your videos increase as your channel authority increases.
  1. Be sure to have an eye catching image. You want to stand apart when people are searching for a video similar to yours.
  1. Increase traffic by engaging with those who are already subscribed. The more comments and likes you have, the better you will rank. Plus, positive comments will help some people decide to watch your video.



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