Universal Laws Of Wealth?

I’m certainly not someone to take seriously when I talk about the universe.. or any special laws that exists that brings fortunes to you by merely broadcasting that to the universe… because I dont know if those laws actually exist or not.

However, I will admit to you that I do read and pay attention to Laws Of The Universe because I think there’s surely something to the principles that derive from those laws… and the results can be phenominal if used wisely and effectively.

For example, one book I have talks about the universe (in place of Gods, etc) and says that the universe is an amplipher of what you project out into the Universe.  In other words, if you broadcast out into the universe that you hate this and hate that, and are angry and frustrated, then the universe ampliphies that even more.

I do know people who I say are addicted to crisis.  I mean, everytime I turn around they have some new major drama in their lives.  It’s one thing after another.  Perhaps this ampliphing thing is true in some way… and I guess there’s plenty of logical (non metaphysical) ways of explaining that.

Who knows what the logical explanation is for what it is.  But, it is true that people shape their own little worlds based on their beliefs and expectations for themselves, and how they react to all sorts of things that happen in their lives.  Perception is different for all.  One person can react positively, while another reacts negatively, for the exact same thing.  Perception makes us all different I guess.

And — the laws say “that in which you focus on — expands”.  Duh!  The more you focus on something, the more it expands in that little self-world of yours.  If you are someone who watches a lot of comedy on TV or at the movie theater, I bet you laugh a lot in your life.  See what I mean?

If you eat, drink and breathe “wealth”, I bet you are knee deep in “wealth” accumulation, and know lots of “wealth’s” principles, rules and techniques for “wealth” acquisition.

I know that when I think about the universal laws, I think about what it is I’m projecting often to that starry universe.  I mean, exactly what I’m projecting…

Am I projecting happiness, joy and laughter?  Or, am I projecting anger, frustration and anxiety?  Is it mixed… where some days I project one thing and other days I project something else entirely?  And if it is mixed like that, what exactly causes me (within myself) to project different things at different times?  Is there a trigger that causes me to project frustration? What is that trigger?  Same for happiness… are there triggers?

For example, my wife asked me to go to the grocery store with her.  Just so you know, I hate going to the stupid grocery store.  But, I went and I took my headphones.  I listend to some Jack Johnson (I like his music) and I felt myself amost dancing down the isles.  I had felt bad today, with cedar allergies here in Austin, but ended up feeling good, and that provoked me to write this article.  I went from bad mood to good mood, and I think the trigger was listening to some music I enjoy.  Easy enough huh?  Bring on Stevie Ray Vaughn baby!

Look, I dont know about the laws of the universe, but I think the constant thoughts and moods we have… become habitual.  And, those habitual moods, thoughts and emotions can shape our entire “fricken” lives.

Maybe that’s why old Napolean titled the historic book, “Think And Grow Rich!”


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