What Earning Six Figures Online Looks Like

After 10 years of coaching people 1on1 and in group sessions, I can tell you the HUGE differences between what it looks like to produce six figures online and what it looks like to earn NOTHING!  It’s very obvious.

Here, I’ll show you:

Those who don’t make money online have nothing to sell.  They are currently selling nothing.  They have no products for sale and they have nothing they are selling as an affiliate either.  Those making nothing, have nothing.

Instead, they are busy bouncing around and looking for a lottery ticket.  They have every excuse you can think of under the sun, but despite all the excuses, they don’t have anything they are actively and consistently selling.

People who are earning full-time livings online DO have something they sell, even if it’s just an affiliate offer… even if it’s a service or a product.  These people earning money are consistently selling and promoting something.

Why Don’t You Have Anything For Sale Yet?

What’s the reason you don’t have anything for sale?

Is it because you don’t know what to do?  Is it because you’re lost?  Is it because you are not confident?  Is it because you are afraid of failure?  What are the reasons?

Well, whatever the reasons are… you need to FIX those reasons ASAP!

Most of the time, the reasons are actually just disguised excuses for “mindset reasons” for holding yourself back.  But still, that’s a reason too and you need to FIX the mindset too!

Nobody Knows They Even Exist At All Online In The Market!

Here’s another big reason people fail versus those who SUCCEED!

Those who fail, well, nobody even knows they exist in the market.  Nobody knows they even have anything for sale at all.  Nobody is buying because nobody knows who they are!

NOW, those who do make big bucks… well, they sell!  They are busy getting attention for themselves and their offers.  They are making moves, making waves, disrupting things and they are busy promoting!

Now, if you have nothing to sell at all, then it makes it quite hard for people to pay attention to you.  People in your market want to BUY, BUY, BUY!  They want to SPEND MONEY!  They want to TAKE ACTION and do stuff.

But if they don’t even know you EXIST… then they aren’t buying from YOU!

Get The Coaching You Need And Get Something To Sell ASAP!

If succeeding is important to you, then do something about it now.  By waiting or putting it off, that’s just another excuse.  It’s like me saying, I’m going to diet when I get back from vacation.  Then, when I get back from vacation, I say, “I’ll exercise after school starts for the kids” and so on.

It’s just another excuse!

Do it right now, this second, dive in and get it done!  Now, not later.  Later is an excuse that will keep you right where you’ve been for years.  If you want the same results you’ve always gotten, then keep on putting it off.

If you are lost, get coaching.

If you are not confident, get coaching.

If you are not sure of the actions to take, get coaching.

If you are afraid of making mistakes, get coaching.

If you WANT something to sell, get coaching.

If you can do all of this on your own, then why haven’t you yet?

I Have Products To Promote Eric, I Just Can’t Get Traffic!

This is another excuse and another reason for holding yourself back.  If you have something to sell that you believe in, then there’s traffic all over the place.  Free traffic and paid traffic!  Having something to sell, and not selling it is the same as having nothing to sell!

It’s the same problem right?

It’s the same mindset and the same reasons… they are all the same… they are all connected.  One excuse is just the same as any other excuse.

Fix this!

Here’s How To FIX This Once And For All:

Get help!  Get coaching from someone like me (Eric) who has been there and done that!  Reach up!  Find someone who knows this like the back of his hand and get help!  We all need each other and this is just how it works.

If you want to finally have your own sales funnel up and selling… finally get traffic… finally conquer the barriers and mindsets holding you back… then look into my new coaching program and done for you “sales funnel” service here:

Here’s Your Solution!

Let’s get this fixed once and for all, and let’s finally get you in business.  Let’s get you out of the stands as a spectator and onto the field playing the game like those of us earning money do!


Eric Louviere

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