Who Wants To Be An Internet Marketing Guru?

There are a lot of people in the “make money online” space who desperately want to become a so-called “guru”.  There are many different reasons people want to achieve this status but one of the most common reasons is what we call “significance”.

You see, getting recognition, or being ‘someone’ or having a sense of “significance” drives many people.  They secretly want to be famous, be admired, followed and celebrated.  I’m not here to say there’s anything wrong with that and I for one think it’s a human-nature desire most folks have.  I mean, what kid does not want a bit of attention?

Also, I think this desire for “significance” can go even deeper and can account for a lot of “bad action” too, where people commit acts of craziness just for mass attention… or even hate!  This is there way of getting significance (or a name) in a market (even if it’s negative).

Many marketers will travel all around the world speaking because they are driven by a desire for significance.  They will attempt to write best selling books and hire PR firms and do everything possible to become a “name” or even famous.  Again, I dont think there is anything wrong with this.

Although this is a driving force (significance), there’s an even better reason for becoming well known, and that is what many marketers call: CONVERSIONS!

We like to buy from those we know, like and trust.  BUT we especially like to buy from those we admire, follow and celebrate!  There’s a reason top box office actors make fortunes… people go pay to see them!

For marketing purposes, the more “visible” you are, the more you stand to earn.  If you are omnipresent (being everywhere) then you will have people throw money at you.  You become magnetic.  They see you as larger than life and they (the customers) want to give you money.

You may will often see savvy marketers as being reluctant or “just happen to be gurus” because of what they appear to know — but the truth is most “guru-dom” is manufactured and on purpose.  Most of that “name” everyone knows so well was manufactured, orchestrated and deliberately crafted… for conversions!

If nobody knows who you are, then your chances of converting are lower.  However, if many know your name and it’s branded and even celebrated, then those conversions are much easier.  You can earn money easier as a branded guru.

So, how does one become a “gooroo”?  Well, from what I’ve learned and witnessed, I’d say the number one rule to “guru-dom” is to:

Toot-Toot-Toot your own horn!

For example, do interviews and be sure and brag about things.  If you dont have anything to brag about, no problemo, you can manufacture some stuff.  For example, did you know I’m a Best Selling Author?!?  I can easily brag about that on an interview and include that as part of my bio.

However, understand that anyone can say they are a best selling author as long as they’ve sold a few books to a few people, I guess.  I did not say I was a New York Times Best Selling Author, I just said I’m a “Best Selling Author”… because according to me… I’m the BEST!

If I can sell a couple books to some folks across the pond, then now I can say in my bio, “Eric Louviere is an INTERNATIONAL Best Selling Author!”  WOW!  Now I’m really cooking with peanut oil.  Hey, I can even become Dr. Eric Louviere in a few short months.

I can shoot pictures of me driving my Bentley.  And, that Bentley is awesome too and only costs me $1200 for the day!  Nowhere did I say I bought that thing with my cash.  I could also drop other guru’s names all the time too and then the “law of association” kicks in and I’m an automated guru simply because I’m with other gurus.  In fact, I could pay someone who is at the top of the industry 100k and that person is now associated with me, IMMA INSTANT GURU!

Again, there’s nothing wrong with any of this IMO.  I think it’s smart marketing.  I mean, you think Tiger Woods or Shaq or Payton drives a Buick??  It’s marketing baby and guess what… regardless if you like it or not, most every successful offer has a bit of “manufactured” wizardry to it.

Now, I want to say something here…

Do you NEED to be a guru to make tons of money and be insanely rich?  NO!  NO, you dont!  In fact, some of the richest and most successful marketers I know are not gurus and really have no desire to become one.  They make tons more than most well known gurus do anyway and they simply dont have the time or desire for significance.  They’d rather stay low profile anyway… because being of high profile has it’s downside too.  If you stick your head up and say, “hey look at me I’m successful” then you become a target like “whack a mole!”.

Yes, you’ll be a target too for criticism, hate and even much more I’m not going to get into.  So, it’s not needed and it definitely has it’s drawbacks.  However, at the same time, if you can stand the heat in the kitchen, then you can convert a lot higher in your market!

So, if you want to become a guru and be well known, then start by figuring out what you want to be known for, then go get visible!  It’s much easier to be visible these days with social media than in the past.  Things go viral much faster than in the past and your reach is much bigger than you realize.

Start tooting your own horn and get ready for people to take whacks at you.  However, if you keep going down the rabbit hole and keep being visible, quickly people will follow and soon you’ll start hearing people describe you as “well known” or “well respected” and those are precursors to “guru”

Then, you’ll convert easier and make more money… and be more significant.

PS – But dont ever call yourself a guru.  Then you’re just arrogant.



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  1. Zayd says :Reply

    Wonderful post, Eric. Being a celeb in our market is very lucrative.I just need to know, how exactly can we earn more than the gurus without being as famous as them?

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