Your Critics And Beating Yourself Up!

Your Critics

I’ve had thousands of people over the years want to offer me their opinions, constructive criticism, advice and genius ideas. Although I’m a very open person and look outside myself for ideas and such, I tend to not pay much attention to any type of constructive criticism… especially condemnation.

You see, all those critics are NOT QUALIFIED to criticize you anyway! They are not you, they are not your style, they are not your soul and they are not on your path. You are you, and you are the one on your life-path.

I did a webinar and one guy said, “You should ask us all to give you our critiques and ideas on how you can do even better!”

I once did a webinar with a JV Partner and we had thousands of people on the webinar and replays. Later on he reached out to me and asked if I wanted all the critiques from the audience since they asked the audience to submit critiques/feedback of the speaker (me).

I politely responded, “No thanks, none of them are qualified to give me critiques”

As if I want to sit around and read a bunch of criticism all day from thousands of people, yeah, sign me up for that! They are not qualified to ridicule me or even flatter me.

This goes for friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and anyone else who is NOT qualified to give you critiques. I’m serious. Your wife or brother might know you better than anyone and sure they can give you critiques about your attitude or whatnot, but my wife cannot critique my knowledge of Facebook Ads or my “webinar formula”.

Besides, “buyers are liars”. They may tell you one thing about your presentation, but the remarks are driven by the fact they cannot afford you and it bothers them… not your actual presentation or the fact you just banked 50k on the call.

My point here is CRITICAL
(no pun intended).

As an influencer, or business owner, you should never let ANYONE condemn you… because they are not God and they are not qualified to condemn you anyway.

Now, this is different from ‘counsel’. If you hire or reach out for professional and specific counsel from someone qualified… that’s different and that leads to massive achievement!

Smart people on planet Earth realize they need “counsel” if they want to succeed. However, pick your counsel wisely. And even with high-quality counsel, realize even they are not you and not on the same life-path you are.

Take their advice as counsel and stewardship, but realize you are you and you are the one on your own life-path.

Realize who buys your offers and who does not buy from you.

Friends, family, colleagues, peers and people who knew you years ago, might not be your best customers. Peers don’t tend to buy your stuff, ever. They are NOT your customers.

For example, I strum-up leads and high-ticket clients from posting on Facebook sometimes. However, every friend and family and colleague I’ve ever had, including 4th cousins I’ve never met, are also connected to me on Facebook.

Are they my customers? Is my third cousin Jenny on my mom’s side my target customer?

No way and I should not think of them, or care what they think, as I post and strum-up leads for my business. They can just text or call me if they want to talk. The same goes for peers.

Your Peers Don’t Buy From You!

I got a lot of other marketers who are connected to me and many are colleagues, and do they buy? Usually they do not buy… they just copy and pay attention from a slight distance, lurking in the shadows.

So, therefore, should I care about what they think when I’m posting to strum-up leads? No way Jose! (another cousin on my mom’s side I have not seen since 4th grade)!

Listen — I coach a lot of influencers and gurus and many of them fight this self-condemnation. These people are sensitive to criticism and ridicule because they often are the one’s beating themselves up!

They take a lot of pride in their craft… and they are ambitious go-getters who have purpose and drive! Since they are often out in the open taking big action, they are the one’s up on the pedestal getting tomatoes thrown at them!

If you stick your head out and stand out and get attention, you’re like “whack a mole” and they are going to try and whack your head with a hammer! How dare you put the spotlight on yourself and get attention for your business and bank account!


If that’s you, then you could be getting it at both ends… you beating yourself up, while the “herd” out there takes their shots at you as well!



Here’s what helps me…

I stick to what my wheelhouse is, and I do what God created me to do.


I look in the mirror and ask myself:

  1. Eric, are you good at coaching?  “Why yes, best in the world”
  2. Eric, are you good at marketing?  “Why yes, best in the world”

So, I should stick to that wheelhouse.

Do what you were created to do, despite the naysayers and despite the haters and despite even your 3rd Cousin Jenny on your mother’s side who made a snarky remark on Facebook.

Put on your armor and let the arrows bounce off as you continue your craft… continue your wheelhouse strike-zone!

  • Do not self-condemn
  • Do not allow criticism from non-qualified people
  • Be immune to criticism and flattery, do your craft!
  • Keep sewing the seed.

Many Blessings!

Eric J. Louviere
Million Dollar Mentor

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