Your First $2,000 As A Coach Or Course Provider: Mini-Tutorial #1

“No More Excuses, Make 2k Per Month ASAP!”

Mini-Tutorial #1

Coaching Uncensored Program

Forget Everything You Think You Know,

Because They are LYING To You.

From: Eric Louviere

“The Most ‘Tell-It-Like-It-Is’ Business Marketing Expert Alive!”


This world is upside-down and bassackwards.

Everything is topsy-turvy and opposite of what you think.

When it comes to achieving anything, especially success as a coach or course provider, it’s counterintuitive.




  1. contrary to intuition or to common-sense expectation (but often nevertheless true).

I mean, this is true… “Less Is More”

I see most aspiring coaches and marketers out there doing 1,000 different things trying to succeed and the key is to do less. Don’t try and perform 1,000 different things, thinking you need to do more and more and more…. Do Less.

Less is more.

Instead of trying to be a blogger on Monday… and then a SMD (social media diva) on Tuesday… then a best-selling Amazon author on Wednesday… then a Facebook Ads pro on Thursday… then a podcaster on Friday… Do Less.

I’m telling you to do less and make more.

Get ‘world-class’ at like four things, not forty different things.

Coaching Uncensored Program

Here’s what you need to focus on:

  1. Your offer needs to be GREAT!

  2. You need to put that offer in front of the RIGHT prospects!

  • You need to “bill ‘em” when they show up, and they will show up!

  • You need REAL help – (like help getting out of your own way for example)

But most importantly, you need a great, irresistible, offer… and you need to go stick-it in front of the right prospects.

Presto! 2k+ per month virtually overnight!

They Truly Are

Lying To You

They are.

You got these glitzy guru’s out there telling you (and manipulating you) on how you need to write best-selling Amazon books… and that’s the way to making big dollars online as a coach or consultant or service provider or course provider.

So what happens is good people, driven and eager people, slap down 10k to some guru who is going to help them bust-out a “Best Selling Amazon Book”. Surely that’s the answer huh!?

A year later, the book is finally finished and……. Crickets!

I’m not saying don’t write a book if that’s what you want to do. I’m also not saying that books cannot make you money as the next Tom Clancy… and I’m not telling you books cannot make a good “business card” like this here tutorial is.

But what I am telling you is this:

Most out there are wasting a ton of time, a ton of money, and are running around in circles doing things like “trying to write a *blockbuster* best selling book”.

Now, listen… what about those glitzy gurus out there selling people on “how writing a best selling Amazon book will make them rich?”… what about those gurus?

Well, I respect them. A Ton!

You know why I respect them?

Coaching Uncensored Program

Because they are providing a “Great Offer” to the marketplace and it’s working.

You see, the market (the herd) wants to write books. They love the idea of a book with their name on it, who doesn’t? It sounds spectacular! Imagine giving away your own book with your shiny happy picture on the cover!

Imagine making tons of money and people asking you to sign the books!

(Are you reading between the lines on what I’m saying here?)

It’s a great offer!

It can be an irresistible offer when done right!

The gurus who are providing offers promising to help people write best-selling amazon books can make millions of dollars with that offer! Bravo!

You need a great offer, as well.

More Examples Of Them

Lying To You, Ouch!

Here’s another example…

You got gurus out there telling you they will brand you… and help you have a big giant following… and even make you a celebrity (famous!).

Poor prospects scoop this stuff up left and right.

They eat that stuff up… be famous! Be Known! Have a big reach!

Vanity, baby!

But, have you ever stopped and wondered why nobody has ever heard of that guru or why they themselves are not famous, or celebrities… or why they only have 20 likes on social media?

AND, understand that anyone can get thousands of FAKE followers on social media. Anyone can buy “likes”, and comments and all that.

But you know what…

That’s a great offer!

Those gurus can make millions because so many out there want (desperately) to be someone… to be famous… to have a big following… to be special… to prove mommy and daddy wrong that they really are special and not lazy… and, well, you get my drift right?

Coaching Uncensored Program

Listen, I’m not being negative here with the “they are lying to you bit”… I’m trying to come at an ANGLE that will open up your mind.

Be A Seller…

Be The One Making Offers!

I think at some point, every successful online coach or marketer decides to make the transition from being the one “buying-up” all these glitzy offers… to being the one “providing” glitzy offers.

Read that like 15 times above in red font.

Call it fear, intimidation, being timid, not being ready, whatever it is… but the fact is, I’ve seen THOUSANDS of people from all around the world, from all walks of life, newbies, veterans, old, young, fat, skinny, sick, ugly, broke, rich… you name it…

I’ve seen all kinds of people go from making zip, nadda, nothing, zilch, goose-egg, to making big money from simply transitioning into someone who actually SELLS STUFF and away from the person who ONLY buys stuff.

I know, it’s scary to sell stuff and have people give you money… but again, when you have a great offer and you stick it in front of the right people, they will chew through a brick wall to pay you. So, bill ‘em.

So Eric… Are You Telling Us To Lie To People?

A big swing and a miss.

Of course not. I’m not telling you to go lie to people and come up with some fake offer that people will buy. I’m not telling you to lie to people or manipulate them.

I’m saying that, for you — YOU — to make 2k++ per month, you’ve got to STOP buying all that stuff… because there are so many things for sale online! There are so many GREAT OFFERS out there!

What I am saying is you need a great offer yourself, but one you thoroughly believe in 100%. I’m sure the person selling the “how to make money by writing a best selling book” is providing that offer because the book they wrote made them a lot and they believe in it.

However, you don’t need that offer IMO to start making 2k per month. It’s a long runway and it will suck up a bunch of your time and money before you ever get to 2k (if ever) depending on some best selling book.

What you need is your own GREAT OFFER!

Coaching Uncensored Program

When you have a great offer yourself… one you truly believe in with all of your heart… one you are 100% certain works… then that will be the big domino that knocks down the other dominos for you.

You need a great offer, period.

You can go focus on that yourself, and craft a great offer yourself!

You can do it.

Or, if you want help crafting a great offer, and a short cut, I can help you.

I’m Taking People By The Hand And Helping Them

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Eric Louviere

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