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Eric has been in the Internet Marketing world since 2004 and has generated millions of dollars online. He is known for having helped countless people quit their day jobs from learning online marketing. Many have reached over $100,000 per year online and credit Eric for helping them get there. In fact, Eric has several who have reached the $1,000,000 (Million) dollar per year mark and credit Eric for being the main reason they reached such high levels.

Eric even has former employees and staff members who went on to earn substantial incomes. Here’s what he had to say recently about his former employees and staff members:

“Many of my former employees and staff members have gone on to earn six and seven figures online themselves, including my old programmer who now does over $1,000,000 (million) dollars per month online!!

These staff members saw the revenue I was generating, learned from me, took action on their own and some now produce even more than I do!

Funny huh? I used to tell them they were smarter than I was and I just had the courage to actually take action… and if they just took action they could make more than me. Some of them did… and do now earn more than me.”

Of course, not everyone earns big bucks and becomes super stars. Eric talks about the main, core reasons most out there never make any “real” money online, and most of the time it’s more mindset than it is “tactical” steps or know-how. Therefore, he has become strong at not only the actual “steps” to making big money but the “psychological” steps as well. He calls this his “two sides of the page” philosophy and claims it has worked wonders overnight for many who grasp the concept. In a nutshell, Eric talks about how there is two sides to the page. Here’s what he says: “If you take a piece of paper out and draw a line right down the middle of the page, you can write down on the left side all the psychological and mindset reasons why people fail to make big money online or achieve their dreams.

On the right side of the page, you can write down all the “tactical” things people need to do to make big money, like drive traffic, convert visitors into buyers, add in your PayPal button so people can pay you, etc.

Well, most people struggle with the left side of the page, the psychological or mindset stuff. For example, many people refrain from taking bold action because they are afraid of ridicule… or they cannot focus on one thing… etc.

Which side is preventing YOU from succeeding online? Most likely, unless you’re brand new to this, it’s the psychological side of the page that is kicking your a##. Or, at least that’s what 90% of my clients over the past 10 years have shown me to be true…

Plus my own barriers reside on that side of the page as well.”

Eric’s background is in offline marketing, advertising and sales. In his twenties, (in the 1990’s) Eric created a small advertising & sales company with only $2,000 to his name. Within months, his ad company was booming and that changed his entire life.

Interacting with, consulting with, and helping small business owners get more leads and customers through advertising and marketing strategies became Eric’s specialty and this eventually exploded for him as the Internet exploded into all of our daily lives!

Eric has a wife (Vanessa) and two beautiful children (Julian and Savannah). They live in Lakeway, TX just outside Austin, TX. Eric and his wife and kids are all born and raised in Texas.

Eric is known as a “tell-it-like-it-is” leader who motivates and inspires people by providing the step by step methods to follow along with the psychology to do so.

“I want my clients and customers to to take risks, take action, be bold, follow the steps and take leaps of faith because life is short and you should make it a priority to be as successful as you possibly can!”

He is a founder on several online ventures, in different niche markets. He also has partners in online businesses all across the world. Eric consults with offline small businesses as well as online businesses. He has clients in Singapore, Australia, UK, Canada and many other countries.

Eric has a strong public following of online marketers and “get rich” business opportunity seekers, who purchase his eBooks, audio courses, video courses and attend private workshops and seminars. Eric also provides 1on1 mentoring to many ambitious marketers looking to “skip all the trial and errors, and just get to the results faster”.

“Mentoring people and businesses has become a big part of my weekly activities now. After I sold a million dollar online business, I didn’t have much to do each day so I started consulting people and mentoring folks.

That was too fun so I just keep on doing it. It’s inspiring for me to talk to people and help them achieve higher incomes, more freedom from the ball-and-chains of a day job, and to achieve better lives.

What’s better than that? I get to talk to like-minded, ambitious people every week who have a burning desire inside to live a more prosperous & abundant life! Heck-yeah, I love mentoring people and businesses and am blessed to be able to do so!” If you are interested in getting mentored & consulted to generate higher incomes, more customers, more clicks, higher conversions, etc. just reach out to him on this site. Also look at the various products Eric offers here as well.

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