Eric Louviere Bio

Eric Louviere has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and has focused most of his career in the advertising and marketing fields. In the 1990s, he started-up a small advertising agency in Bryan/College Station, Texas and then expanded to The Woodlands area outside of Houston.

His company grew quickly and became Eric’s first real success in business. He provided advertising packages to local businesses and owned his own printed “business directory”.

Around 2004, Eric sold off his stock in the company, and moved on to other ventures, eventually deciding to get a day-job in downtown Houston for a 30 million dollar per year advertising company (also focused in print advertising).

After a year working the corporate game, Eric decided to go back to running his own business on the side and focused on “internet marketing” as his new vehicle for escaping the rat race.

By 2006, Eric was earning more from his side hustle online business than he was in his corporate job, so he resigned to do online marketing full time. In 2006, he quit his day job, hit a million dollars per year, got married and moved to beautiful Lake Travis Texas (outside of Austin).

The following year, 2007, Eric and Vanessa (wife) gave birth to their first child, a son, Julian Louviere.

Eric Louviere Picture


That same year, Eric built his first online membership product into a million dollar per year program and from there started up his own online digital agencies and coaching programs.

Eric made his revenue from online courses, agency services and coaching programs.

Around 2012, Eric focused mostly on consulting and coaching inspired entrepreneurs on how to market “big ticket” offers and take their annual income and make it their MONTHLY income!

Eric claims he has coached more online marketers (1on1) than just about anyone else in the entire world! Eric continues to this day helping ambitious professionals, companies and agencies scale their incomes with high-ticket offers and savvy marketing strategies.

His superpower: Helping people earn more explosive income without working more hours. Earn way more while working way less.

Personal Life :

Eric is happily married to Vanessa and they have two children, Julian and Savannah.  Devote Christians, Eric and Vanessa have their children in a private Christian school and participate in Church activities and serving.

The family spends winters in Aspen Colorado each year, and summers in Cayman Islands each and every year for 12 years now.  Aspen and Cayman are considered their second and third homes.  They also spend a great deal of time in WaterColor Florida (HWY 30A in the panhandle near Destin)

Eric enjoys college sports, coaching his son (and the team) in baseball each season, snowboarding, traveling, writing, recording, grilling, fishing, snorkeling, music, learning, teaching, innovating and problem solving.

Eric’s Personality

Eric is a straight shooter, a total Texan head to toe, a “tell it like it is” direct personality but with a soft heart, a kind demeanor and a true loving & caring character.  He’s brutally honest…provides tough love… yet compassionate and deeply cares about his brothers and sisters on planet Earth.

Eric’s Current Business Focus:

Eric helps clients get more leads and high-end clients from LinkedIn and other platforms with his agency, WebVance.com

He also continues to coach ambitious winners on how to earn WAY more while working WAY less.

To inquire about Eric’s coaching programs, please fill out the form here:  Support