How To Be Visible

7 Figure Business Coach
7 Figure Business Coach
7 Figure Business Coach
How To Be Visible

By 7-Figure Entrepreneur Eric Louviere

When it comes to generating more revenue and success online, you or your business must become more visible.  You need to be “top of mind awareness” in your market.

You or your business should be omnipresent.

You ought to want to bombard the market with you or your brand or your offer.  The more visible you are, the more people will throw money at you.

Get the market to know, like and trust you.

Get the market to put YOU or YOUR brand in their visual “crosshairs”.

Put the spotlight on you.

Carpetbomb the marketplace with you or your brand or your offer.

Consistently, persistently, continue to remain visible.

Use Social Media platforms to constantly post and be visible.  Use podcasts to be in front of your listeners.  Email your list more than once per day.  Run ads on Facebook or Google or YouTube.  Post new videos on YouTube.

The list of sources or platforms or places you can carpetbomb the market is endless!  You could literally spend 8 hours per day just carpetbombing the marketplace with YOU or YOUR brand.

The more you do it, the more the platforms’ algorythms will share your content and posts and “visibliity actions”.

How To Be Visible!


So many people out there never become visible.  They are afraid to stick their head out there.  They are afraid to be public.  They are afriad their boss or neighbors or family will see what they are doing.  They are afraid of ridicule.

Become immune to ridicule.

AND, realize your peers don’t buy your stuff!  Your family or friends or boss do not buy your stuff.  Why care what they think?  I mean, I guess unless you’re afraid of getting fired from a day job, well, don’t do that.

Otherwise, use your judgement to determine how or when to be visible.

How To Be Visible