Turn Prospects Into Buyers

In my mind, I break down most markets like this for high ticket offers:

→. 70% are non-buyers
→. 20% are fence riders (maybe buyers, might buy)
→ 10% are BUYERS and ready to buy right friggen now!

Most marketers and influencers tend to focus on the 70% though (without realizing it).

Their marketing is dictated by trying to appeal to the 70%.  Their messaging, language and vibe and everything is speaking to the 70% (the non buyers).

For example, maybe you are thinking of a family member… or friend… or peer… when crafting your offer.

NEWSFLASH! Your family and friends and peers don’t buy your stuff. They are not your buyers, but often, marketers appeal to THEM in their marketing language.

The 20% of fence riders is a great category to focus on, but what’s usually required to get them to buy is NURTURING or incubating them.

You have to home-grow them. Just because they did not buy today does not mean they wont buy next month or next year, or five years from now!

Water them, feed them, pull the weeds around them, sing Hank William Jr songs to them at bed time, and eventually, they will BUY!

The small 5% to 10% of “BUY RIGHT NOW” people tend to be nurtured already and just feels like they bought cold on demand, but there are some who will buy from you (at high ticket) and they just heard about you last night via a FB ad or something.

Those are lay-down sells… easy… clerked sales. Anyone can sell them. piece of cake. easy street indeed!

These are the folks who will drop down 20k for you without blinking. These are fun and the best clients on the planet.

However, most out there will never get to experience those easy high ticket buyers.

Most wont ever get to experience 20k days or 100k weeks from “buy right now clients” or PWM (player with money) clients.


Because they have nothing for sale (yet)

They are still getting ready to one day be ready, to get ready, to hopefully be ready, some day out in the future. They are still in PREPARATION mode.