5 Keys To Making Six Figures As A Coach Or Course Provider!

I started coaching people online around 2004 or 2005…

In 2006/2007 I hit a million (7 figures) coaching people online…

Since then, I’ve made tens of millions coaching people…

Here are FIVE Keys to hitting six to seven figures as a coach or course provider:

Key Number One:  

An “A To Z” System (Blueprint) to follow and tweak along the way to perfection.  It’s not an overnight thing, but a journey of getting it launched and then dialing the system in more and more as you go.

This system should incorporate getting daily leads flowing in, constant nurturing of those leads to turn them on to you, conversions to close those leads into cashflow (clients!) and fulfillment to impact your clients (knock their socks off with value)

If you don’t have a system then you are REACTING and that will never work.  Get a system and stick to it and make it better and better over time.

Key Number Two:

Daily Lead Flow Is Critical.

If your lead flow stops, so does new revenue.  If you have daily fresh new leads flowing in, then you will feel abundant and market your offer(s) confidently instead of in desperation mode…

The way I do this, is i invest back into my “lead flow”.  When revenue comes in, I take a good slice of that revenue and pour it back into “lead generation” (like FB ads)…

Most out there do not have a daily lead flow system and it’s crucial you get one and dial it in as you go.

Key Number Three:

Nurturing the leads!

It’s hard as heck to close a cold as heck lead from the depths of the internet.

It’s much easier to close a warmed up or even hot lead.

In fact, a HOT lead will chase you down to pay you.  We all love those leads!

Too many people out there are busy trying to close “COLD” leads and they wonder why this business is so hard for them.

Nurture the leads!  Warm them up to you! Turn them on to YOU!  People buy from those they know… like and trust, so built that up with them and watch how easy it becomes to generate six to seven figures online as a coach or course provider!

Key Number Four:


First you get the leads… then you get the nurturing… then you get the women.

Sorry, bad line from the movie Scarface.

But seriously, you need a SALES SYSTEM… some type of way to sell people… like, either over the phone… in a webinar presentation… via a sales letter… via text messages… from stage… some type of system for closing people into cashflow!

This is also a journey and not a light switch.  you’ve got to get this sales system live and functioning (far from perfect) and then make it “dialed-in” as you go… tweaking it more and more to perfection!

Most have no clue how to set up a proper “sales system” and they wonder why everyone is telling them “no” or giving them lame excuses instead of buying.

Key Number Five:

Get help from someone who has been there and done that.  Even if it’s not me, you ought to find someone who knows this business like the back of their hand.

Find someone who can do this stuff in their sleep.

Find someone with a long-long-LONG list of testimonials and endorsements…

Find someone with a lot to lose, a big reputation they don’t want to damage…

Find someone who is passionate to help people like you do what you want to do…

Find someone to mentor you or coach you and stick to that person.  That person will not be perfect, but CAN change your life!!

Everyone I know who busted to six or seven figures as a coach or course provider credits a mentor or coach for helping them get there.

They do not credit some book from Amazon or some YT video… they credit a PERSON for helping them point blank.

This is how God wants us to work with each other IMO.

I always get my answers from other people… it’s quite strange.

So go get help!  (The RIGHT help from the RIGHT person!)

…Even if it’s not me.

Although it should be me.

If you want my help, just go here and book a call with me (serious people only):


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Many Blessings!

~Eric Louviere


PS — The good news is over 90% of all the coaches and course providers I’ve ever seen in the past 16 years barely do any of the above.  They just react.  They have no real system or blueprint to follow.  

Imagine if you did.  You’d separate yourself from at least 90% of all the other coaches out there who are clueless and just reacting versus pro-acting!

Get a system… get a blueprint… get professional help from someone who has been there and done that!

A solid system is a recipe to sleep well at night and to live an abundant, freedom lifestyle… like I do.

I’m here to help if you’re serious and ready to get cracking.