4 Different Types Of High Ticket Offers

If you are looking to add “high ticket offers” to your business to scale your revenue, then here are the four main types of high-ticket offers I focus on in my own businesses:

  • Courses.

If you have a solid course that solves a big problem, people could pay you big fees to get that problem solved for themselves.  An online course is one of, if not THE, best business I’ve ever had because of the high profit margins and the freedom selling a course provides.

Talk about being as lazy as you want to be…!!  Marketing your own high-ticket course can be an automated way to earn passive income and build an asset.

  • Next is Coaching!  (Group and 1on1)

If you do have your own course, adding in group coaching or 1on1 coaching can skyrocket your conversions, income and truly scale your business.  This is what so many want… personal help from the expert.

Often times, customers buy a course but feel lost or insecure about following the steps and executing what’s taught.  However, if the “expert” *YOU* is available to help them with either group coaching classes or even 1on1, then that can be just what the doctor ordered for ramping up your conversions.

If coaching feels out of your comfort zone, then even better to do it!  There’s a reason why coaches exist, it’s because so many WANT personal help.  Escape that comfort zone and do the coaching!  Unless of course you don’t like money.

  • Workshops and Masterminds and retreats

A percentage of your market will ONLY respond to “workshops and offline events”.  These are your seminar dogs and they love jumping on a plane and flying to some city and staying at some hotel and hanging out all weekend long talking shop and learning.

They love hotel food and those pillows that are too soft (I need like 12 pillows stacked up to be comfortable)…

However, keep in mind, a workshop can command high ticket prices.  Even better, a workshop is a “target rich” environment for selling people even higher ticket offers!

For example, if you charge your attendees $3,000 to attend your 2-day or 3-day workshop, you can turnaround and up-sell (pitch!) them a $40,000 ongoing coaching program and mastermind at the event!

It’s a selling environment and a PERFECT time to offer them MORE of what they want. They are there, they are excited, they are feeling good about themselves and here you come with a 40k big boy offer!  Some will take it!

Another quick thing I’ve done over the years is add in a bonus day.  Let’s say the workshop is 2-days, I might add in an optional 3rd day for only 4-6 attendees for $X amount extra.  Many times that bonus day will cover my expenses for the entire workshop!  (audio/video, conference room cost, stage, etc)

  • Done For You Offers (Or Services)

Fulfill or not to fulfill, that is the question.

Well, fulfilling can be a real drag… and it can be tough to make the clients happy no matter how hard you try… but it can also be VERY lucrative!  If you have thick skin and can handle pushy clients, then providing services can be a quick way to boost your income severely… while also getting into the big ticket game!

We do a done for you service where we provide clients with an entire “high-ticket” program of their own (A to Z)… all done for them… (or as much as we can do for them)… and it sells well.  It has sold well for years and years when we offer it.

We don’t always offer it because it’s work.  I mean, real honest to goodness, labor!

However, people want it and “done for you services” can command a high-ticket price if done right!

There are all kinds of high ticket “services” one can provide… doing web design, art, running PPC ads for clients, copywriting, sales services, social media marketing services, customer service, so many different types of services…

In conclusion…

No matter what type of high ticket offer you get into, I highly recommend you pick one of the above and dive in full throttle!  Going the high ticket route has changed my entire life for over 14 years now, and it has changed a lot of other people’s lives I’ve helped as well.  (not to mention all the people I see out there doing high-ticket that I did not help, but are doing it successfully out there).

It’s a great way to live an abundant life and earn a ton of money quickly.  I find it much harder to make any kind of real money with cheap offers and cheapo prices.  It’s pretty hard to sell 10,000 people something… versus sell 10 people or even 100 people… a high-ticket offer.

Dive in!  You can do it!

~ Eric Louviere
Client Amplify



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