Eric’s Covid Email

My friend and his son came over to Florida to spend a few days with me and my son… and my friend got really sick his second night visiting us.  He tested positive for Covid… and about 5 days later… I also ended-up getting sick and testing positive.

 My friend and his son got on their private jet and flew back to Texas only for him to get admitted to the hospital and intubated into a coma.  He’s still intubated at the time I’m writing this to you and he’s currently fighting for his life.

 I helped take care of him for a couple days until they flew back to Austin, Texas.  That’s when I got infected.

 For about 20 days now, I was sick as can be with Covid.  I mean, the sickest I’ve been in my life.  I ended-up having to go to the hospital for a bunch of tests and they discharged me cautiously. 

 It was a brutal sickness.  I’m a lot better now, MUCH better.

 I don’t have any health issues at all other than I eat too much at times.  However, I’m always working out and building muscle.  Yet still, I got absolutely hammered by Covid.  It was incredibly scary.  My friend was (is) intubated and I was so sick I could barely get out of bed to go to the restroom for over two weeks!!

 Brutal!  Terrible!  A horror story!

 The good news is — and this is personal — but something changed me.

I’m not the same.

 I’m not joking.

 Something happened to me while I was sick and I am changed.  I cannot really explain it right now to you or put it into words, and I know I sound crazy, but something changed.  Everything is different now.  Everything is MUCH more different.

 Call it God, call it a revelation, a transformation, a spiritual awakening, I don’t have a clue what it is, but I promise you, something changed about me.  I’m not the same person anymore.

 It’s not that I was a bad person before or anything like that, it’s just that everything seems different now, more alive, more energetic, more up close and in my face, more sensations, more emotions, more awake and colorful and vibrant.

 (My energy and strength physically is still super low and fatigue and headaches and weakness is still with me, but everything feels and looks different to me now)

 If I had to even try to put it into words, I’d say, things I look at are more vivid and I feel differently about life… about people… about my family… about myself… about time… about Faith… about what life is about.

 I know, sounds nuts. 

 Maybe it’s the sickness talking?  Maybe covid fried my brain cells and I’m some weirdo freak now, I have no idea, but sign me up because it’s beautiful!!


I see people differently now, and I realize we are all just trying to survive and make our way through this sometimes-chaotic world we live in.  We all have viruses of different kinds… mind viruses and faulty programming and corrupt operating systems.  We all have things that wreak havoc on our lives and we are all broken people.

 Here’s what I’m saying about people, let me just say it…

 I no longer see the “methods” or “insights” or “innovations” or “steps” or “intricacies” … what I see is the people (YOU) and I just want to be there for people.  Forget the money or the success or the achievement or all that jazz… just focus on serving and helping people.

 let me say it like this…

 I’ll cross paths thousands of times with people who will just walk past me.  No value or any kind of exchange will happen.  They are not an appointment for me.  However, some others ARE an appointment for me, and even if I only give them a smile or a five-dollar tip or a nice comment, my intention is to serve them in some fashion and give them any-kind of magic I can give them.

 I did it earlier today at the carwash place with the guy.  He felt it.

 I just want to give them some of this magic.  Sound weird?  I know. it’s not even MY magic.

 Gosh this is hard to explain and I’m just typing away without judgement of what I write to you.

 I’ve had a transformation of some sorts from being extremely sick and stressed out.  My wife was a mess, we were away from home in Florida at a beach house and we were scared I might not make it.  I went to the clinic, doctor, hospital and ambulance…  I was not doing well.

That sickness did something to me.  It changed me.  Two weeks with fever, pain, breathing issues, low oxygen levels of 89, chills, headaches, bad nasty coughing fits, it was TERRIBLE!

 And, now I am changed.

 I don’t fully know what that means yet, but what I do know is my purpose is to serve people, daily, and that’s what I’m going to do.

 I believe in God.

 I’m a Christ follower.

 I’m just going to roll up my sleeves and help people the best I can, with compassion and sincerity and integrity.  I have a manic desire to help, in a respectful and proper manner.

 If there is anything I can help you with, email me.  Confidential, of course.

 I’m the only one who checks this email:

 I’m here for you.

 I hope you have a tremendous 2021 and that you (and yours) remain safe from covid.  It’s no joke.  I’m a very healthy person and it about took me out. 

 Thanks for being a subscriber!

 Thanks for reading!

 God Bless You!

~Eric Louviere

CEO & Founder

PS – I am going to 20X my efforts to GIVE more goodwill to my marketplace and email list.  You ought to want to hang out here and read my emails moving forward as they will all have a lot of extreme value for you.  I mean it.

Thanks for reading!!  Stay safe and healthy 🙂