Best Ways To Get Traffic

Eric Louviere with glasses
  1. Facebook Ads — Has proven to be consistent for many years. We continue to run ads and perform well on FB. It’s the number one or number two way we get clients!
  2. LinkedIn Done Right — So many are out there doing LinkedIn wrong. We have been doing it for years now and it works consistently. What’s needed is to crack the code, then it’s a fantastic way to get high net worth, affluent and quality leads (and clients)
  3. Other forms of advertising — Google Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest Ads, Amazon Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing, Reddit Ads, CPV ads, Native Ads, Retargeting, Yelp, Zillow, Bing, Banner Ads and all sorts of media buys, it’s endless
  4. Social Media Marketing — content distribution on the various social media platforms (doing videos, images, articles, posts, chats, groups, Lives, podcasts, pictures, etc)
  5. SEO — Working the search engines to rank high
  6. Affiliate Recruiting — Getting others to promote or mention your offer for a cut/percentage of sales.
  7. Podcasting — Getting interviews with others, being a guest on other’s show’s, marketing your podcast to build an audience
  8. Networking / Relationships
  9. Offline — Offline ads, meet ups, offline direct mail, etc.
  10. Blogging — A form of SEO and audience building