Get Clicks, Get Revenue!

Have you ever truly investigated the number of clicks you get?


I’m always AMAZED when I look at the number of clicks I get.


If I look at the TRUE numbers of clicks, I’m shocked to find I get WAY less clicks than I think I do.


If I asked 1,000 online marketers and business owners how many clicks they get, I bet 90% of them would think they get FAR more clicks than they actually do. I mean, if they don’t know how many clicks they get already and are just guessing, or assuming, based on how many opens they get or clicks from emails, etc… 


I’d bet 90% would be surprised at how much lower their estimate is.


Do You Want To Increase Your Revenue? Increase Your Clicks!


This is a simple (DUH!) insight, but it’s not common sense at all.


Years ago, my partners and I decided we needed to make a big push to add another 100k per month to our business revenue. When we analyzed our numbers we found we got X amount of clicks per month on average.


Based on our judgement, to get to 100k more per month, we would ONLY need to add 10k in clicks. This was MORE than enough to add 100k because we had high-ticket offers mixed in with low ticket offers.


How To Get More Clicks!


Not all clicks are created equal though. A click who does not know you at all, who shows up COLD as ice, is not the same as a click from a long time follower who knows you better than you know yourself!


A click from your email marketing list is not the same as a click from a cold Facebook Ad.


Therefore, if not all clicks are created equal, the name of the game is not just quantity, but QUALITY! I could add 10k new clicks to my business (quantity) easily with facebook ads, but if those clicks are stone cold and don’t know me, like me or trust me, then it’s not the same as 1,000 clicks who KNOW, LIKE And TRUST the heck out of me!


Make sense?


Take Clicks And WARM THEM UP!


The key here is to increase both quantity **AND** quality!


Take cold clicks and quickly turn them on to you! Warm them up, turn them on, get them to know you, get them to trust you, get them to LIKE you. Get them to see you are a MUST follow, do whatever is necessary to capture them and turn them on, fast!


You have only a short period of time and they are gone!


This is the world we live in now.


Quantity matters, but so does QUALITY


Increase clicks… but increase their K, L and T fast to increase revenue.