Having Magic About Yourself

You can tell almost instantly if someone has a charge to them or not. That “charge” makes a very big difference between achieving and failing.

If you are talking to prospects to bring on as clients of yours, you can determine quickly if they have that “charge” or “magic” about them, or if it’s more of a negative or “lacking any charge” person.

If you’ve ever done any strategy sessions before with a prospect you are hoping to bring onboard as a high-ticket client, you can practically tell instantly (by the way they answer the phone) if they have this “charge” about them or not.

I have done thousands of these calls over the years, and I can usually tell if they are someone I want as a client in the first few minutes just by paying attention to the chemistry or vibe.  It shines through, wouldn’t you agree?

Or, am I just overly sensitive, an empath or something?

I bet you feel this.  We all know of people who can light-up a room when they enter it.  Everyone can feel their presence as they walk in the room, you want them there.  There’s something magical about them.

Same for someone who walks in who takes the air out of the room, right?  Someone walks in, and everyone sort of shifts their body language and their facial expressions change and you can just feel everyone is a bit more on eggshells because this new (non charged) person walked in the room.  Am I right?

I like to say, “I focus on helping winners to win more”. 

I’m looking for people who have a charge about them… good people… people who are driven, yet compassionate about others.  People who want to help others and givers, and positively charged people. 

I’ve had so many of them (countless) as clients, and it’s night and day compared to the “negatively charged” people.  Nothing against the negative charged people, I think we can all be that person as well. 

What About YOU?

What’s really interesting about this, is when we look inwards to ourselves!

Do we have a charge about us (magic) or are we lacking that snap, charge, magic ourselves?

The good news is, we can quickly be conscious of this, and instantly add “magic” about ourselves on purpose.

If you can have MAGIC about yourself… others will be attracted to that… and want some of your magic. Just adding more “life force” will cause great things to occur versus not having much life force magic.

Try it today.

Have a big charge!

All it really takes is one day of consciously doing this, and magic will show up right in front of your eyes.  Here’s the way I look at it… I try to be a better person today!  Can’t we consciously decide to be a better person (today)?

It’s the little things…

How you answer a text… how you treat the clerk serving you coffee… how you wake up your kids for school… how you drive… your body language… your facial expressions… everything!

Can you picture yourself doing that and acting like that?  Well, that’s the magic I’m talking about.  It’s subtle, but profound!  It may seem minor, but it’s explosive for achievement.  I mean, just whistling while on the job can get you a raise.  Just being confident can get you the client. 

We buy from those we Know, _______ and Trust.

In Conclusion

Back to our prospects.  Have you ever had a horror-story client before?  I’m talking about one that will not go away even years later.  The client is just super difficult and you cringe when you even see the client’s name show up on an email?  Oh c’mon, be honest!

Well, here’s the thing… a lot of my students complain about this.  They say, “how do I prevent toxic clients?  I have so many of them!”

My answer is… “stop attracting them”

The market mirrors YOU.

Jim Rohn once said, “If you want more… you’ve got to become more”

That is a deep quote, and I tend to look at it as “learn new skills” but also as “become a better person”

That’s one of my favorite quotes.

Now, get to attracting!

Many Blessings,
~Eric Louviere